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994aa84f7b18466806fe552ea57da1852b909f24 08-Mar-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Returns hasVariationSelector true for VS15/VS16

Minikin has a special font fallback for VS15/VS16, so
hasVariationSelector for emojis with VS15/VS16 should always return

Bug: 27531970
Change-Id: Ieebd58f48b135b6ec50d999df68dcc09b1284606
b1203b648acb109fddd537f8d76d168b7f70103e 13-Apr-2016 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Merge "Clear mLineWidths in LineBreaker::finish()" into nyc-dev
879e8a3a479b2cedd05e652f082683a02aa57dcf 13-Apr-2016 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Clear mLineWidths in LineBreaker::finish()

There was the possibility of stale indents from previous invocations
persisting in the mLineWidths across multiple invocations. This patch
clears them.

Bug: 28090810
Change-Id: I3621dfbe983512046289373711709aeade52eab4
6c60831cfce24b0749f50f37231e0a56d8fd4b85 11-Apr-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Fix minikin_unittests

This CL fixes following test cases in minikin_tests
- FontFamilyTest.hasVariationSelectorTest
- HbFontCacheTest.getHbFontLockedTest
- HbFontCacheTest.purgeCacheTest

For the fix of FontFamilyTest.hasVariationSelectorTest, removing virtual
from GetUniqueId() in MinikinFont. After [1], MinikinFont's destructor
started calling purgeHbCache() which calls virtual method,
MinikinFont::GetUniqueId(). Fortunately, the SkTypeface::uniqueID()
returns just internal value, so we can store it at the construction time
and use it instead of calling SkTypeface::uniqueID() every time.

This patch also changes purgeHbFont to purgeHbFontLocked, as all uses of
it were already under global mutex. This change avoids deadlock on
explicit unref, as when invoked by a Java finalizer from the Java object
that holds a reference to the font.

Some of the tests needed to change to using the ref counting protocol
rather than explicitly destructing font objects, as well.

[1] 9afcc6e2bd4d89e4e1deb6e18c3c4daca4e114fd

Bug: 28105730
Bug: 28105688
Change-Id: Ie5983c4869147dacabdca81af1605066cd680b3f
aaa4e3470270496e6eb80704eadecb2cb7c56bf0 07-Apr-2016 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Avoid copying of font table data

The hb_font_t object holds on to tables of font data, acquired through
the MinikinFont::GetTable interface, which is based on copying data
into caller-owned buffers. Now that we're caching lots of hb_font_t's,
the cost of these buffers is significant.

This patch moves to a different interface, inspired by HarfBuzz's
hb_reference_table API, where the font can provide a pointer to the
actual font data (which will often be mmap'ed, so it doesn't even
consume physical RAM).

Bug: 27860101
Change-Id: Id766ab16a8d342bf7322a90e076e801271d527d4
9afcc6e2bd4d89e4e1deb6e18c3c4daca4e114fd 07-Apr-2016 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Purge hb font on Minikin font destruction

This patch eagerly purges the corresponding hb_font_t object from
the HbFontCache when the underlying MinikinFont is destroyed. After
that, the key will no longer be accessed, so having the entry is
wastes memory.

Bug: 27251075
Bug: 27860101
Change-Id: I1b98016133fe3baf6525ac37d970a65ddccadb4f
cee83d40324b1f3b8e113eb8c9eda8e12ef36923 04-Mar-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Suppress log span due to returning null for itemize result.

Bug: 26808815
Change-Id: I2a5a52f2c441d27c7ef270342b4ef93c3de9e56e
ea408fc18e8e78d984ebdf63703da668a15720de 18-Feb-2016 Keisuke Kuroyanagi <ksk@google.com> Optimize: Use measureText instead of doLayout.

With this CL, measureText is used for getRunAdvance,
getOffsetForAdvance and line breaking.

Bug: 24505153
Change-Id: Ib699f6b1391b46537736fc274cdb41686586b550
bcb024df56c8ae7a5914d6f060ac99a2b5d118d9 18-Feb-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Merge "Improve Paint.measureText and Paint.hasGlyph for variation sequences." into nyc-dev
c88ef135fcc2661ec7addc171ebc60787df38aff 09-Sep-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add penalty for breaks in URLs and email addresses

Recent changes have added special cases for line breaks within URLs
and email addresses. Such breaks are undesirable when they can be
avoided, but at other times are needed to avoid huge gaps, or indeed
to make the line fit at all.

This patch assigns a penalty for such breaks, equal to the hyphenation
penalty. The mechanism is currently very simple, but would be easy to
fine-tune based on more detailed information about break quality.

Bug: 20126487
Bug: 20566159
Change-Id: I0d3323897737a2850f1e734fa17b96b065eabd9c
6d15657e4a3826d4d47d5358f1dde211484527e9 09-Sep-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add line breaks to email addresses and URLs

This change adds accceptable line breaks according to sections 7.42
(Dividing URLs and e-mail addresses) and 14.12 (URLs or DOIs and line
breaks) of the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.). In general, these
place breaks before punctuation symbols, and suppresses them after

Bug: 20126487
Bug: 20566159
Change-Id: I2d07d516b920a506a2f718c38fb435c5eb1ee1f8
9c4cc648abcae144f3b99d612e58ef01d5e52cce 09-Sep-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Special-case URLs and email addresses for line breaking

Detect URLs and email addresses, and suppress both line breaking and
hyphenation within them.

Bug: 20126487
Bug: 20566159

Change-Id: I43629347a063dcf579e355e5b678d7195f453ad9
6b1c227da6492a435f0341d7fe95d9992669920e 02-Feb-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Improve Paint.measureText and Paint.hasGlyph for variation sequences.

Before this patch, the font fallback chain iterated all installed font
families if a variation selector was specified.

This CL narrows down the range of iteration.
To decide the font family for the variation sequence, we need to search
for both the variation sequence and its base code point.
The new range of the iteration is a union of them.

With this change, the running time of Paint.hasGlyph for the variation
sequence improves 50% and the running time of Paint.measureText for the
variation sequence improves 40% for the large text case on Nexus 6

Bug: 26784699
Bug: 11750374

Change-Id: Iced1349e3ca750821d8882c551551f65bb569794
57b6dae9894b9362ef04517ff477fd491f9d433b 05-Sep-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Refine hyphenation around punctuation

Implement a WordBreaker that defines our concept of valid word
boundaries, customizing the ICU behavior. Currently, we suppress line
breaks at soft hyphens (these are handled specially). Also, the
new WordBreaker class has methods that determine the start and end
of the word (punctuation stripped) for the purpose of hyphenation.

This patch, in its current form, doesn't handle email addresses and
URLs specially, but the WordBreaker class is the correct place to do
so. Also, special case handling of hyphens and dashes is still done
in LineBreaker, but all of that should be moved to WordBreaker.

Bug: 20126487
Bug: 20566159
Change-Id: I492cbad963f9b74a2915f010dad46bb91f97b2fe
89e80237bc27af084c9ff316d4f47abf426eced8 03-Feb-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Improve Paint.hasGlyph performance by caching hb_font_t

It turned out that hb_font_t creation is not a lightweight operation.
Especially, Paint.hasGlyph creates hb_font_t for all existing fonts
every time. To improve the performance, cache hb_font_t instead
of hb_face_t.

Note that to calculate horizontal advance, MinikinPaint needs to be
associated with hb_font_t by calling hb_font_set_funcs. With this patch,
hb_font_set_funcs may be called multiple times for the same hb_font_t
object. However this is not an issue since MinikinPaint is unique
during layout.

Bug: 26784699

Change-Id: I516498ae9f0127d700fc9829327e9789845a1416
6344de60fa37c4e4246cb37d82215564826c2b8b 13-Oct-2015 Keisuke Kuroyanagi <ksk@google.com> Add light weight methods for text measurement.

The intruduced method measureText can be used instead of
doLayout for text measurement purpose.

Bug: 24505153
Change-Id: Ic29bbb347daf18d1f6c13f86970dcdd11dd6a2bd
6f9966ea7c1910fd780cf7779cc59701c9b98a2b 12-Dec-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Introduce multiple language based font fallback.

The motivation of this CL is enhance the font fallback score design
to support multiple language font fallback.

This CL contains following changes:
- Break language based font score into two: script-based score and
primary-language-based score.
- The primary-language-based score is 0 if the script-based score is 0.
If the script-based score is not 0 and the primary language is the
as same as the requested one, the font gets an extra score of 1.
- The language score gets a higher multiplier for languages higher in
the locale list.

Bug: 25122318
Bug: 26168983
Change-Id: Ib999997a88e6977e341f4c325e2a1b41a59db2d5
198b46f1fea3f47ef8eb6317799c0d77aaec52f6 15-Dec-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Save all kind of script tags into FontLanguage.

This is 2nd attempt of I8df992a6851021903478972601a9a5c9424b100c.

The main purpose of this CL is expanding FontLanguage to be able to
save full script tag. Previously, FontLangauge kept only limited script
tags. With this CL, FontLanguage keeps all script tags.

This CL contains the following changes:
- FontLanguage changes:
-- Moved to private directory not to be instantiated outside of Minikin.
-- Removed bool(), bits(), FontLanguage(uint32_t) methods which are no
longer used.
-- Change the FontLanguage internal data structure.
-- Introduces script match logic.

- FontLanguages changes:
-- Moved to private directory not to be instantiated outside of Minikin.
-- This is now std::vector<FontLanguage>

- FontLanguageListCache changes:
-- Now FontLanguageListCache::getId through
FontStyle::registerLanguageList is the only way to instantiate the
-- Normalize input to be BCP47 compliant identifier by ICU.

Bug: 26168983
Change-Id: I431b3f361a7635497c05b85e8ecbeb48d9aef63e
6c4c098cbd37eccef483ab1986127250b4d2ddf2 22-Dec-2015 Bart Sears <bsears@google.com> Revert "Save all kind of script tags into FontLanguage."

This reverts commit 5e995fb850c2b32631914c3815dfb421855fba9b.

Change-Id: I761e0e41906742fbe3d3ac34170af3101e18042a
5e995fb850c2b32631914c3815dfb421855fba9b 15-Dec-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Save all kind of script tags into FontLanguage.

The main purpose of this CL is expanding FontLanguage to be able to
save full script tag. Previously, FontLangauge kept only limited script
tags. With this CL, FontLanguage keeps all script tags.

This CL contains the following changes:
- FontLanguage changes:
-- Moved to private directory not to be instantiated outside of Minikin.
-- Removed bool(), bits(), FontLanguage(uint32_t) methods which are no
longer used.
-- Change the FontLanguage internal data structure.
-- Introduces script match logic.

- FontLanguages changes:
-- Moved to private directory not to be instantiated outside of Minikin.
-- This is now std::vector<FontLanguage>

- FontLanguageListCache changes:
-- Now FontLanguageListCache::getId through
FontStyle::registerLanguageList is the only way to instantiate the
-- Normalize input to be BCP47 compliant identifier by ICU.

Bug: 26168983
Change-Id: I8df992a6851021903478972601a9a5c9424b100c
43bb9743ca91a761b9723674ac862660dd2be834 10-Dec-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Remove script matching score from the font selection fallback.

Removing the extra score of 2 for the script matching from the font
fallback score calculation. If the two langauges have different
scripts, we should treat them as different languages.

Change-Id: Ie0d6f27bd1086248895935a7bd01b5d404044ad0
6d9dcd2cf3d3ed26a886e02d94c907311e7b1f83 02-Dec-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Introduce FontLanguageListCache.

FontLanguageListCache is an intentionally leaky singleton and its
internal cache won't be purged.

BUG: 25122318

Change-Id: I272097e979fe44b83fd86822235350e12eda8f51
369d2d44cb09ac4346cdd9e3b131bb173d764f88 29-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Select emoji font based on variation selectors.

If U+FE0E is appended to the emoji code point, the glyph should have a
text presentation.
On the other hand, if U+FE0F is appended to the emoji code point, the
glyph should have an emoji presentation.

Bug: 11256006
Change-Id: I5187d44500b13a138e7ffbcf2c72e2da06374c8c
80d113bcd4bbc395218503354af1a5a6dba59b4b 21-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Introduce FontCollection::hasVariationSelector method.

To implement Paint.hasGlyph(), we need a new method to ask the
FontCollection if it has a glyph for the code point and variation
selector pair.

Bug: 11256006
Change-Id: Ie4185c91bcaa4d01aee6beb97784b1f9d2a88f12
bae347682989d2627081310129a5b60541ed6ad0 27-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Add -Werror -Wall -Wextra to compiler option.

This is 2nd trial of I30a0914a4633bd93eb60957cdf378770f04d8428

- To suppress noisy unused parameter warnings, comment out unused
- Add -Werror for suppressing further warning.
- Add -Wall -Wextra for safety.
- Use "z" prefix for format string of size_t.

Verified that compile succeeded on all arm,arm64,mips,x86,x86_64.

Change-Id: I7ad208464486b8a35da53929cb1cfe541ed0052f
b4c799180458fc37b96ee43ef9111f64e0cc99f7 28-Oct-2015 Bart Sears <bsears@google.com> Revert "Add -Werror -Wall -Wextra to compiler option."

This reverts commit 63635cff5861dcaed963c7332eecf51b9d7d920a.

Change-Id: I2b4b10e8afedc85dbe2d07f3e47315652b65cd14
63635cff5861dcaed963c7332eecf51b9d7d920a 27-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Add -Werror -Wall -Wextra to compiler option.

- To suppress noisy unused parameter warnings, comment out unused
- Add -Werror for suppressing further warning.
- Add -Wall -Wextra for safety.

Change-Id: I30a0914a4633bd93eb60957cdf378770f04d8428
4b723bf22b1bbc5fcdaa9bd96178c921199905d5 20-Oct-2015 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh@google.com> Basic scaffolding for handling a language list.

The behavior hasn't changed much yet: all languages are ignored for
rendering text, except the very first supported language.

Change-Id: I1695fb985927ae5e28e4f59c1b531e4993af8688
16da66db748ce4877bc1d3e7af783eed8a08c77a 20-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Merge "Support Variation Selector in font selection."
bbdd73ec077a1bb6801b25a639834be16dfd78cb 01-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Support Variation Selector in font selection.

This CL contains the following changes:
- Add a variation selector argument into getFamilyForChar to be able to
select fonts which support variation selector.
- In case no fonts support the codepoint and variation selector pair,
add a fallback rule which selects font family with ignoring variation
- Change FontCollection::itemize to not change the font family
immediately preceding a variation selector.
- Introduce unit tests for variation selectors.

With this CL, TextView can render the variation selectors correctly.

Bug: 11256006
Change-Id: I22ce0e9eadc941f84e3a9b23462f194e51dd7180
210dfa01db0defb3c23b60c446e97b1ee6f1287e 13-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Remove MinikinFont::GetGlyph interface.

MinikinFont:GetGlyph is no longer used.
No behavior chnages are expected with this CL.

Change-Id: I13398503841ac06f930b04815017d4b33338efa1
0f2a025d135f9ca52cc3cf917fffc29d6c126094 24-Sep-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Introduce FontFamily::hasVariationSelector

This CL introduces new method hasVariationSelector into FontFamily but it
is not used in production code. So no behavior changes are expected.

This CL contains the following changes:
- Introduce hasVariationSelector which returns true if the corresponding
font has a glyph for a code point and variation selector pair.
- Introduce purgeHbFontCache since hb_face_t won't be released by
keeping hb_font_t.
- Introduce unit tests with self-built font.

Change-Id: I659a6d03d9ec446b409e1fba2758452abb9f44fa
7c8ac67a9022590d32d25e61094f29f7af42357d 01-Oct-2015 Keisuke Kuroyanagi <ksk@google.com> Merge "Refactoring: Introduce helper class to iterate runs."
f0be43de02a1e07308d3d95408349c3c7f973430 27-Aug-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Binary format for hyphenation patterns

In the current state, hyphenation in all languages than Sanskrit seems
to work (case-folding edge cases). Thus, we just disable Sanskrit.
Packed tries are implemented, but not the finite state machine
(space/speed tradeoff).

This commit contains a throw-away test app, which runs on the host.
I think I want to replace it with unit tests, but I'm including it in
the CL because it's useful during development.

Bug: 21562869
Bug: 21826930
Bug: 23317038
Bug: 23317904

Change-Id: I7479a565a4a062fa319651c2c14c0fa18c5ceaea
6292e1a966da86af7045c356fcad6ab8864089b8 24-Sep-2015 Keisuke Kuroyanagi <ksk@google.com> Refactoring: Introduce helper class to iterate runs.

This doesn't change current behavior. It's a preparation
for the following CLs.

Bug: 22408712
Change-Id: Ic018422254aa3904655f499194caad74f0c0fc5d
71ec97055357b6ccb13a2697a56254bb19f43ae9 08-Aug-2015 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh@google.com> Support three-letter language codes in FontLanguage.

Also handle the case of weird language code that we don't understand
properly better, by treating them not equal to each other.

Change-Id: Iaccb251fa38d700932f6eadac254d3d1fa09b3ea
6c4d167bff33c24c239d77ddb1044b18d180766a 10-Jul-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add HyphenEdit to layout cache

We bypass the word layout cache for "complex" cases, which includes
things like OpenType features. We were counting a hyphen edit as such
a case, but the problem is that we measure a _lot_ of these when
doing layout with hyphenation.

This patch adds plumbing for hyphen edits to the layout cache, so
that word fragments with hyphens can be cached as well.

Bug: 22378829

Change-Id: Idba4df4faa14f48a5faccc8a7a7955a36c19ef27
abae97a39c26e191e350575932611a90e6b04d06 08-Jun-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Increase hyphenation penalty for short last line

Tuning for hyphenation parameters. We discourage hyphenation on the
last line, but offset this penalty by also applying a penalty for
each line, which optimizes for minimizing the number of lines. Thus,
when hyphenation can reduce the number of lines, it increases the
chance they're used.

There's probably more tuning and refinement that can be done, but
testing suggests that the tunable parameters are appropriate.

Bug: 20883322

Change-Id: Ida7eaf8aced109e426694f5a386924a842d29c4b
0dc07c0be325b7c12c50729e04c4b2785a673fd7 12-May-2015 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh@google.com> Support hyphenation frequency in Minikin.

Three hyphenation frequencies are now supported:

kHyphenationFrequency_None, which turns off both automatic
hyphenation and soft hyphens.

kHyphenationFrequency_Normal, which has aconservative amount of
hyphenation useful as a conservative default.

kHyphenationFrequency_Full, which has a typographic-quality amount of
hyphenation useful for running text and tight screens.

Bug: 21038249
Change-Id: I2800f718c887c9389a1a059d7ec07d7fa2ca1dee
8920e81717c6e51b92ff8f4479a1f959af260556 17-Apr-2015 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Move Bitmap to a different namespace

namespace naming collision. Move minikin's
Bitmap out of android:: and into minikin::

Change-Id: I5ae3925f81b848dc79576429ab55243b96f7fed2
40beb7744a61248de82a6077996c83c14e0122c2 07-Apr-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add functions for measuring cursor positioning

New functions for computing the correspondence between cursor
position and advance, respecting grapheme boundaries.

Change-Id: I620378d5f64cd74300cd43db522adeb555825dff
bb86b433f97a301c11800806b1ce5331fa227d4a 16-Apr-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Rename "margins" to "indents"

The name "margin" conflicts with another meaning, so we're making the
name in the public api "idents" and the code consistent in naming.

Change-Id: I9170116b4d972e4b25f0f319e78376310288eb41
dc7bc6e39e1ef6b713b927baf24db8b4f02f1a3f 15-Apr-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add margins array to line widths object

In order to support layout in non-rectangular regions, the LineWidths
object needs to accept an arbitrary array of margins. This is
implemented in addition to the existing firstWidthLineCount/restWidth
mechanism for convenience, though using only arrays would have the
same expressive power.

Bug: 20182243
Change-Id: Iea96bca1a92012314ac27e617c67f306c1f1b2f2
5cdad92c300a65cab89b172e952186f0c5870657 30-Mar-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Revert "Fix build: Revert "Add hyphenation to line breaking""

This reverts commit 0b25d5ac85533f64764a0d53d5e5d33b46b715fa.
0b25d5ac85533f64764a0d53d5e5d33b46b715fa 30-Mar-2015 Ed Heyl <edheyl@google.com> Fix build: Revert "Add hyphenation to line breaking"

This reverts commit daf6a6bdbf2ff1f66496d6200cb253e2f50759d5.

Change-Id: I3fed65046274d3aeb748f0730585ab89927f5741
daf6a6bdbf2ff1f66496d6200cb253e2f50759d5 19-Mar-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add hyphenation to line breaking

This patch adds hyphenation using the Liang hyphenation algorithm,
similar to TeX. It also improves the optimized line breaker so that
it works correctly and efficiently even when the line width is not
constant (there is a specialization for constant width, which is
probably worthwhile, but performance TODOs remain).

Still to be done:

* hyphenator has many shortcuts, only tested with English

* interaction between punctuation and hyphenation is problematic

Change-Id: I2d94a1668ebc536398b7c43fcf486333eeb7c6aa
01f526614431e3a0a6e1a48039e00b8a9b7d6fbf 14-Mar-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add LineBreaker to Minikin

This patch adds a LineBreaker class to Minikin, which will be used for
computing line breaks in StaticLayout. The version in this patch
contains basically the same functionality that existed before, but
hopefully better performance and an interface that's suitable for more
sophisticated paragraph layout.

Note that this version contains a high quality strategy, which mostly
works but doesn't respect varying line width.

Change-Id: I02485d58b1e52856296a72cdd4efd963bc572933
d692d6a9791145d41d7778cdf6b40b20c2be8cb4 30-Jan-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> HyphenEdit in support of hyphenation

Adds a "HyphenEdit" field to the Minikin Paint object, which represents
an edit to the text to add a hyphen (and, in the future, other edits to
support nonstandard hyphenation).

Change-Id: Ib4ee690b0fe2137e1d1e2c9251e5526b274ec3a7
cb20a2f0b366bfc16db3a489a60156dec7a9fe21 25-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> Minikin: Remove unused variables, fix init order

For build-system CFLAGS clean-up, fix unused variables.

Reorder initializer list to initialize in the order of member

Change-Id: I64358b2dcf0e39d0f4e18fdc3473de867f84fcba
13f1aae02bacd475722bc8ea3fc2cf6abc1a82e3 29-Oct-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Move coverage bitmap from FontCollection to FontFamily

This will significantly reduce memory usage and also speed the creation
of new font families. In particular, the coverage bitmaps for the fonts
in the fallback stack will be computed once in the Zygote, rather than
separately in each app process.

Bug: 17756900
Change-Id: I66f5706bddd4658d78fe5b709f7251ca9d2ff4f8
6740536e3927d25bf5c2567e5f6e8c175973cbb7 03-Sep-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Snap advance widths to integers

Fractional advance widths were causing subtle problems with text
positioning when the same text was drawn with different spans in the
hwui renderer. Quantizing the coordinates on layout (as opposed to
waiting until the renderer draws the glyphs) solves the problem.

This patch also fixes a discrepancy between x position and advance
widths when letterspacing.

Bug: 17347779
Change-Id: Ia705944047408c2839d5ad078eefd6bbec446872
6da7796cbe8a17efd61a3302369e69bb222fdb4f 21-Aug-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Fix Layout initialization in the skipCache path

C++ local var initialization always tricks me. Previously, Layout
didn't have a constructor, which meant that defining it on the stack
left mAdvance uninitialized. This was not an issue when we were doing
"new Layout()", since that invokes zero-initialization, but was an
issue for the skipCache path that was allocating layout on stack by
just "Layout l" instead of "Layout l = Layout()". To avoid surprises,
add a constructors that clears everything.

Also adds reset() method to reset the layout for reuse.

Change-Id: I3e02f00da9dd7d360abe13f63c310f6882292d0a
288c915963b3500c7efb958ba613650e2ecdfdfa 20-Aug-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Speed up cache lookup

Avoid copying the string for cache lookup.

Bug: 17111260
Change-Id: Ic220bfc991fc6b3dada197304aabdf72a8941bd7
5986f6048ae21e0ec094c1f2ca0169d0ca6ec6b5 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Support fontFeatureSettings

Bug: 15246510
Change-Id: I544915d29b2be4fb9f82f1989188a3a918c50fbc
d50c99df4efbc57eb4419bd7944a979b9a1d53cc 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Merge "Remove CSS string doLayout entrypoint and supporting code" into lmp-dev
83d5a3c53d77c34fbeac7012ab3612933982d494 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Initialize MinikinPaint members

We are stack-allocating MinikinPaint objects in Minikin clients, and
without a constructor adding new members to the struct cannot be done
without updating all clients (only one right now!).

Change-Id: I4170f16498bb6b07cb795495011aca58087ed0bd
c924dd126db5d029af407ae6dd1a41c3652a6a64 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Remove CSS string doLayout entrypoint and supporting code

All usage is ported to the new doLayout() API now.

Bug: 16651112
Change-Id: I2c959138a69853b5e30098889d771fe5f4cfaa66
09f1901d6befcab49ed46cb77151a5d4af14a3b9 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Add doLayout variant that does NOT take css string

New API removes CSS string and directly takes needed objects.

Bug: 16651112
Change-Id: Ie5f7c2ab05be6cbd77cae0a5fd6bb453771ada59
a5bb91190edbea0be0e78a8511b3c920b6e99c4e 25-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Towards CSS removal

Extract language from FontStyle during shaping. Don't attach CSS
to LayoutContext.

Change-Id: Ie621d3415410178d0d15fa7b810eb8e412342ab6
f0a1e5b2da5aaccbc1c010413365cd8c304cf5d9 25-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Remove deprecated API

It has been unused outside minikin.

Change-Id: Iaa2237767d81c77f90d0264e633375e601dd72f1
8e7a3dae37e9a22b2c054aec852615843d71caf6 18-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Add letter-spacing support

Bug: 15594400
Change-Id: Ied94d7674be4097b0f44c9b0770d3294dc6433c1
22e41754f6470ff1f4c0e0a56d01f7f555b59e21 26-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add purgeCaches() method

Expose a method to purge caches used for TextLayout, useful for low
memory conditions.

Change-Id: I92f41afe987b7be4af5ca0a0c50fb51be35a2758
3d28a3fcebfed4744d1ef0307a8bdc8fc01e364c 16-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Implement grapheme cluster breaking

This patch includes an implementation of grapheme cluster breaking,
which is especially useful for repositioning the cursor for left and
right arrow key presses. The implementation is closely based on Unicode
TR29, and uses the ICU grapheme cluster break property, but is tailored
to more closely match the existing implementation and expected behavior.

Part of a fix for b/15653110 Improve behavior of arrow keys in EditText

Change-Id: I8eb742f77039c9ab7b2838285018cf8a8fc88343
9a5f713add8cfb91ac2c9ed5c917309053201ab6 07-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Support for fake bold and italics

This patch adds support for computing when fake bold and fake italics
are needed (because the styles are requested but not provided by the
matching FontFamily), and providing them as part of the layout result.

Part of the fix for bug 15436379 Fake bold doesn't fully work (Minikin)

Change-Id: I180c034b559837943673b5c272c8e890178dff0d
89566f0ada1cafe673efa064cde38467990235d4 06-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add baseFont method to FontCollection

This patch adds a method to retrieve the base font from a
FontCollection, which is useful when querying global font metrics.

Part of the fix for bug 15467288 "Inconsistent line heights on
Minikin builds"

Change-Id: I268ae5128d0852a020d746bc22af81fc1a623228
3f1ea5da2ee12b0d95c17c56928c3e553d4eeda0 05-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Support for context in API

This patch completes support for adding context for complex script
layout, for example when a string with joins straddles two spans.

Part of the fix for 15431028: "Properly support context for joining
scripts (Minikin)"

Change-Id: I65b0833be92eb477aa531bbef0ac6eddeb3a962a
3164d1a77eecf3185347a44342131f4275de824f 05-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Make paint flags consistently uint32_t

Change internal plumbing of paint flags (including CssParse) to uint32_t
consistently, to match the type used in the client. This will probably
prevent compiler warnings. Also renames "float" to "double" to avoid
confusion about precision.

Change-Id: I80374712c4067ca9e7711cc2d4ec33c440ab9c7c
448b0fd720d7ba902b9be224a287d08abe3ebea8 31-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Support for scaleX and skewX

Adds pseudo-css properties for scaleX and skewX, as well as paint flags,
and plumb them through to the MinikinPaint abstraction and to Harfbuzz,
to support nontrivial scale and stretch of text.

This is the Minikin part of the fix for bug 15186705 "Usability of the
suggestion strip in recent OTA's is severely reduced"

Change-Id: Ifa60355e086e4691ff92c5d50d84eb7cea0fea95
066e8575af64fb452617ac6005de6ccf6509553b 29-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Fix ZWJ not working for Indic fonts

This is a fix for bug 15185229 ZWJ not working in Sinhala and Kannada.

Indic fonts (unlike Arabic) require the entire string, including ZWJ,
to be passed to Harfbuzz; it's not enough for the ZWJ to be present in
the context. The solution is to be "sticky" in font itemization,
continuing to use the same font as long as it has Unicode coverage.

Change-Id: I7673bc56fbda09f1e1a4582e8d88342343b706f1
7b221d97b7b64dc5ce457e19666d55d042e22e62 27-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Language and variant selection

This patch adds a "lang" pseudo-CSS property and uses it both to select
an appropriate font and control the "locl" OpenType feature to get the
most appropriate rendering for the langauge and script. In addition,
the "-minikin-variant" property selects between "compact" and "elegant"
variants of a font, as the former is needed for vertically cramped

This is part of the fix for bug 15179652 "Japanese font isn't shown on

Change-Id: I7fab23c12d4c797a6d339a16e497b79a3afe9df1
4d4e6bc8118d15542f1f2a9218f0f7a91a29474f 21-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Caching for layouts and harfbuzz faces

This patch adds caching for both layouts and for HarfBuzz face objects.
The granularity of the cache for layouts is words, so it splits the
input string at word boundaries (using a heuristic). There are is also
some refactoring to reduce the amount of allocation and copying, and
movement towards properly supporting contexts.

The size of the caches is a fixed number of entries; thus, it is
possible to consume a large amount of memory by filling the cache with
lots of large strings. This should be refined towards a scheme that
bounds the total memory used by the cache.

This patch fixes bug 15237293 "Regression: Measure performance is
significantly slower with minikin".

Change-Id: Ie8176857e2d78656ce5479a7c04969819ef2718d
86fa46c5ebb0d2c3319e08f4fbf487d8c2abbbfc 19-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Do BiDi algorithm for text layout

This is a fix for bug 15130102 "Language name for Hebrew displayed the
wrong way around on keyboard".

This patch extends the previous BiDi support (when the direction for the
entire string was given by the caller) to run the BiDi algorithm
(provided by ICU) over the string to break it into BiDi runs. Thus, it
handles mixed LTR and RTL strings in a single layout, and also respects
heuristics for inferring the paragraph direction from the string.

Change-Id: Ia4b869de3c139c5a7d16b8ce7766870b98a815ea
(cherry picked from commit 4b3a941128454e55893d65433a835e78a9e9781d)
c31e3883456e018d742e9f29815ba5ff8b315ea1 19-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Fix incomplete refcounting and locking

These changes were supposed to be committed in the previous patch
"Better refcounting and locking" but seem to have gotten lost in a
rebase. It fixes a memory leak and some possible race conditions.

Change-Id: I54ca1e37500ec49756fe317cc6d6d03da9911501
d231a4b0b1d482c7ae7717b048112e1fe5d0f5a9 13-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Initial BiDi support

This patch contains a very basic implementation of BiDi. It respects the
BiDi flags passed in as an explicit parameter (through the
"-minikin-bidi" pseudo-CSS property), but doesn't yet do its own BiDi
run detection. It also takes some shortcuts (marked as TODO) that are
based on reasonable assumptions of the current font stack, but not
universally valid.

Even with these shortcomings, it seems to display RTL text from TextView

Change-Id: I223433923c4eb06f90c0327e86bfbe0aff71d4f5
d133eab2a1a59ce4a5b1b3db04ec00dc0dbdf349 14-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Fix build breakage in sample code

This updates the Skia sample implementation to implement GetBounds,
but the FreeType implementation is NYI (to be fixed in future commit).

Change-Id: I24eda14d5fb11c2a1e81394ad8c779de3292dd79
b80c1f19c58b927820a8a24bf2218e5645724608 06-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Better refcounting and locking

All major externally accessible objects (especially FontFamily and
FontCollection) are now reference counted. In addition, there is a
global lock intended to make operations thread-safe.

WIP notice: in this version of the patch, not all external API entry
points are protected by the lock. That should be fixed.

Change-Id: I14106196e99eb101e8bf1bcb4b81359759d2086c
ecc2d34ac23a497988f21e5f415b53c007b9d8c5 15-Jul-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> A basket of features: itemization, bounds, refcount

This patch improves script run itemization and also exposes metrics
and bounds for layouts. In addition, there is a fair amount of internal
cleanup, including ref counting, and making the MinikinFont abstraction
strong enough to support both FreeType and Skia implementations. There
is also a sample implementation using Skia, in the sample directory.

As part of its functionality, his patch measures the bounds of the
layout and gives access through Layout::GetBounds(). The corresponding
method is not implemented in the FreeType-only implementation of
MinikinFont, so that will probably have to be fixed.

Change-Id: Ib1a3fe9d7c90519ac651fb4aa957848e4bb758ec
5adafc0d84d238948b5d257ec5311030ca04271c 12-Sep-2013 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Use canonical UniquePtr.h file

Change-Id: I00953971034a7d00ca165accdab528d2b8ff27a7
f660ef9ee63a500b7fb878e502ea5fd519c39607 14-Jun-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Fix build breakage

The MinikinFont class was missing a destructor. The build error was
not caught because incremental builds didn't see fit to relink after
I deleted one of the source files (that contained the impl of this

Change-Id: Ic72d56fe28316cd2b2f808910e34ca6f177a1220
bcc3dc5a2591a95a57e379e27cbad69c18e91e67 23-May-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Introduce MinikinFont abstraction

This commit removes the direct dependency on FreeType and replaces it
with a MinikinFont abstraction, which is designed to support both
FreeType and Skia fonts (and possibly others in the future).

Also adds a "total advance" to the Layout, with an API for retrieving

Change-Id: If20f92db9a43fd15b0fe9794b761ba00fb21338c
9cc9bbe1461f359f0b27c5e7645c17dda001ab1d 24-Apr-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Initial commit of Minikin library

This is the initial draft of Minikin, a library intended to perform text
layout functions. This version does basic weight selection and font runs
for scripts, and also has a simple renderer for drawing into bitmaps,
but is lacking measurement, line breaking, and a number of other
important features. It also lacks caching and other performance

Change-Id: I789a2e47d11d71202dc84b4751b51a5e2cd9c451