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6344de60fa37c4e4246cb37d82215564826c2b8b 13-Oct-2015 Keisuke Kuroyanagi <ksk@google.com> Add light weight methods for text measurement.

The intruduced method measureText can be used instead of
doLayout for text measurement purpose.

Bug: 24505153
Change-Id: Ic29bbb347daf18d1f6c13f86970dcdd11dd6a2bd
bae347682989d2627081310129a5b60541ed6ad0 27-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Add -Werror -Wall -Wextra to compiler option.

This is 2nd trial of I30a0914a4633bd93eb60957cdf378770f04d8428

- To suppress noisy unused parameter warnings, comment out unused
- Add -Werror for suppressing further warning.
- Add -Wall -Wextra for safety.
- Use "z" prefix for format string of size_t.

Verified that compile succeeded on all arm,arm64,mips,x86,x86_64.

Change-Id: I7ad208464486b8a35da53929cb1cfe541ed0052f
b4c799180458fc37b96ee43ef9111f64e0cc99f7 28-Oct-2015 Bart Sears <bsears@google.com> Revert "Add -Werror -Wall -Wextra to compiler option."

This reverts commit 63635cff5861dcaed963c7332eecf51b9d7d920a.

Change-Id: I2b4b10e8afedc85dbe2d07f3e47315652b65cd14
63635cff5861dcaed963c7332eecf51b9d7d920a 27-Oct-2015 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Add -Werror -Wall -Wextra to compiler option.

- To suppress noisy unused parameter warnings, comment out unused
- Add -Werror for suppressing further warning.
- Add -Wall -Wextra for safety.

Change-Id: I30a0914a4633bd93eb60957cdf378770f04d8428
6292e1a966da86af7045c356fcad6ab8864089b8 24-Sep-2015 Keisuke Kuroyanagi <ksk@google.com> Refactoring: Introduce helper class to iterate runs.

This doesn't change current behavior. It's a preparation
for the following CLs.

Bug: 22408712
Change-Id: Ic018422254aa3904655f499194caad74f0c0fc5d
8920e81717c6e51b92ff8f4479a1f959af260556 17-Apr-2015 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Move Bitmap to a different namespace

namespace naming collision. Move minikin's
Bitmap out of android:: and into minikin::

Change-Id: I5ae3925f81b848dc79576429ab55243b96f7fed2
40beb7744a61248de82a6077996c83c14e0122c2 07-Apr-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add functions for measuring cursor positioning

New functions for computing the correspondence between cursor
position and advance, respecting grapheme boundaries.

Change-Id: I620378d5f64cd74300cd43db522adeb555825dff
01f526614431e3a0a6e1a48039e00b8a9b7d6fbf 14-Mar-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add LineBreaker to Minikin

This patch adds a LineBreaker class to Minikin, which will be used for
computing line breaks in StaticLayout. The version in this patch
contains basically the same functionality that existed before, but
hopefully better performance and an interface that's suitable for more
sophisticated paragraph layout.

Note that this version contains a high quality strategy, which mostly
works but doesn't respect varying line width.

Change-Id: I02485d58b1e52856296a72cdd4efd963bc572933
6da7796cbe8a17efd61a3302369e69bb222fdb4f 21-Aug-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Fix Layout initialization in the skipCache path

C++ local var initialization always tricks me. Previously, Layout
didn't have a constructor, which meant that defining it on the stack
left mAdvance uninitialized. This was not an issue when we were doing
"new Layout()", since that invokes zero-initialization, but was an
issue for the skipCache path that was allocating layout on stack by
just "Layout l" instead of "Layout l = Layout()". To avoid surprises,
add a constructors that clears everything.

Also adds reset() method to reset the layout for reuse.

Change-Id: I3e02f00da9dd7d360abe13f63c310f6882292d0a
288c915963b3500c7efb958ba613650e2ecdfdfa 20-Aug-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Speed up cache lookup

Avoid copying the string for cache lookup.

Bug: 17111260
Change-Id: Ic220bfc991fc6b3dada197304aabdf72a8941bd7
c924dd126db5d029af407ae6dd1a41c3652a6a64 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Remove CSS string doLayout entrypoint and supporting code

All usage is ported to the new doLayout() API now.

Bug: 16651112
Change-Id: I2c959138a69853b5e30098889d771fe5f4cfaa66
09f1901d6befcab49ed46cb77151a5d4af14a3b9 29-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Add doLayout variant that does NOT take css string

New API removes CSS string and directly takes needed objects.

Bug: 16651112
Change-Id: Ie5f7c2ab05be6cbd77cae0a5fd6bb453771ada59
f0a1e5b2da5aaccbc1c010413365cd8c304cf5d9 25-Jul-2014 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@google.com> Remove deprecated API

It has been unused outside minikin.

Change-Id: Iaa2237767d81c77f90d0264e633375e601dd72f1
22e41754f6470ff1f4c0e0a56d01f7f555b59e21 26-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add purgeCaches() method

Expose a method to purge caches used for TextLayout, useful for low
memory conditions.

Change-Id: I92f41afe987b7be4af5ca0a0c50fb51be35a2758
9a5f713add8cfb91ac2c9ed5c917309053201ab6 07-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Support for fake bold and italics

This patch adds support for computing when fake bold and fake italics
are needed (because the styles are requested but not provided by the
matching FontFamily), and providing them as part of the layout result.

Part of the fix for bug 15436379 Fake bold doesn't fully work (Minikin)

Change-Id: I180c034b559837943673b5c272c8e890178dff0d
3f1ea5da2ee12b0d95c17c56928c3e553d4eeda0 05-Jun-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Support for context in API

This patch completes support for adding context for complex script
layout, for example when a string with joins straddles two spans.

Part of the fix for 15431028: "Properly support context for joining
scripts (Minikin)"

Change-Id: I65b0833be92eb477aa531bbef0ac6eddeb3a962a
4d4e6bc8118d15542f1f2a9218f0f7a91a29474f 21-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Caching for layouts and harfbuzz faces

This patch adds caching for both layouts and for HarfBuzz face objects.
The granularity of the cache for layouts is words, so it splits the
input string at word boundaries (using a heuristic). There are is also
some refactoring to reduce the amount of allocation and copying, and
movement towards properly supporting contexts.

The size of the caches is a fixed number of entries; thus, it is
possible to consume a large amount of memory by filling the cache with
lots of large strings. This should be refined towards a scheme that
bounds the total memory used by the cache.

This patch fixes bug 15237293 "Regression: Measure performance is
significantly slower with minikin".

Change-Id: Ie8176857e2d78656ce5479a7c04969819ef2718d
86fa46c5ebb0d2c3319e08f4fbf487d8c2abbbfc 19-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Do BiDi algorithm for text layout

This is a fix for bug 15130102 "Language name for Hebrew displayed the
wrong way around on keyboard".

This patch extends the previous BiDi support (when the direction for the
entire string was given by the caller) to run the BiDi algorithm
(provided by ICU) over the string to break it into BiDi runs. Thus, it
handles mixed LTR and RTL strings in a single layout, and also respects
heuristics for inferring the paragraph direction from the string.

Change-Id: Ia4b869de3c139c5a7d16b8ce7766870b98a815ea
(cherry picked from commit 4b3a941128454e55893d65433a835e78a9e9781d)
c31e3883456e018d742e9f29815ba5ff8b315ea1 19-May-2014 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Fix incomplete refcounting and locking

These changes were supposed to be committed in the previous patch
"Better refcounting and locking" but seem to have gotten lost in a
rebase. It fixes a memory leak and some possible race conditions.

Change-Id: I54ca1e37500ec49756fe317cc6d6d03da9911501
ecc2d34ac23a497988f21e5f415b53c007b9d8c5 15-Jul-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> A basket of features: itemization, bounds, refcount

This patch improves script run itemization and also exposes metrics
and bounds for layouts. In addition, there is a fair amount of internal
cleanup, including ref counting, and making the MinikinFont abstraction
strong enough to support both FreeType and Skia implementations. There
is also a sample implementation using Skia, in the sample directory.

As part of its functionality, his patch measures the bounds of the
layout and gives access through Layout::GetBounds(). The corresponding
method is not implemented in the FreeType-only implementation of
MinikinFont, so that will probably have to be fixed.

Change-Id: Ib1a3fe9d7c90519ac651fb4aa957848e4bb758ec
bcc3dc5a2591a95a57e379e27cbad69c18e91e67 23-May-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Introduce MinikinFont abstraction

This commit removes the direct dependency on FreeType and replaces it
with a MinikinFont abstraction, which is designed to support both
FreeType and Skia fonts (and possibly others in the future).

Also adds a "total advance" to the Layout, with an API for retrieving

Change-Id: If20f92db9a43fd15b0fe9794b761ba00fb21338c
9cc9bbe1461f359f0b27c5e7645c17dda001ab1d 24-Apr-2013 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Initial commit of Minikin library

This is the initial draft of Minikin, a library intended to perform text
layout functions. This version does basic weight selection and font runs
for scripts, and also has a simple renderer for drawing into bitmaps,
but is lacking measurement, line breaking, and a number of other
important features. It also lacks caching and other performance

Change-Id: I789a2e47d11d71202dc84b4751b51a5e2cd9c451