History log of /frameworks/minikin/tests/GraphemeBreakTests.cpp
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77f488345316fba46c271fc04bea470819ae1712 19-Apr-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Do not break before and after ZWJ.

The emoji list is generated from external/unicode/emoji-data.txt

Bug: 28248662
Change-Id: Ie49b3782505665d62c24371ca23d317ae5e9c5f7
450e96c8170c3d59a5896e734c90d3f9def505f8 02-Mar-2016 Seigo Nonaka <nona@google.com> Break regional indicators at even numbered code points.

Bug: 23288449
Change-Id: If1419ff9e44e8e640616979bae88311f414b42a1
1934c2c3cb2c93aa12f852f95915190f8ac81fac 27-Feb-2016 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Fix wrong conditions in isEmojiBase

I computed ranges using low <= c || c <= high, should be &&.

Bug: 26829153
Change-Id: Ic1002d90b6a408a0b415f2d117d0e57adcbc2fa9
adfa580f1f067c846509b4346e5be2cb19177c1b 22-Feb-2016 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Suppress grapheme cluster breaks in emoji with modifiers

An emoji with a modifier should be treated as a single grapheme, i.e.
it should not be possible to place the cursor between the base and
modifier. This patch implements the proposed Rule GB9c from Mark
Davis's proposal entitled "Fixing breaking properties for emoji",

The patch also skips over variation sequences attached the to the
preceding character, for computing grapheme cluster boundaries.

Bug: 26829153
Change-Id: Iff5bc2bb8e5246223a017c7cf33acfbf63817f16
6638e05ac2de397455c30cae05aca399a567428d 29-Oct-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Tailor grapheme boundaries so sequence emoji are one grapheme

Make it so it's not possible to position the cursor inside an emoji
formed by a sequence including zero-width joiners.

Bug: 25368653
Change-Id: I67ec0874cd1505f3c82ab91492ffc3d39a52fae6
d8dd94b81ea7efd776859fbbdf4a76458e270eab 12-Aug-2015 Raph Levien <raph@google.com> Add basic unit tests for Minikin

Initial unit tests for Minikin functionality. Also fixes an incorrect
Hangul case (uncovered in testing), and improves handling of broken

Change-Id: I69b441d8e3b19ed06abcc56f13271abadf3d1010