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d57d9b900da83b1b5431d90e250f86c0047c618a 19-Feb-2016 Ian Pedowitz <ijpedowitz@google.com> Revert "Revert "Fix warnings in servicemanager and KeyCharacterMap""

This reverts commit b480269b0f8e933fa6fc6bd4c9e1e504e1b51508.

Change-Id: If405c0786c5bdd02e3f2c3356d56a4200c6b9dfb
b480269b0f8e933fa6fc6bd4c9e1e504e1b51508 19-Feb-2016 Ian Pedowitz <ijpedowitz@google.com> Revert "Fix warnings in servicemanager and KeyCharacterMap"

This reverts commit d3b4c050f6bcdfd44bfb9c8ed885fd1c482c50bb.

Change-Id: I961f89d4446ac23f0e267c6541b504c4ec6b3af1
d3b4c050f6bcdfd44bfb9c8ed885fd1c482c50bb 19-Feb-2016 Aurimas Liutikas <aurimas@google.com> Fix warnings in servicemanager and KeyCharacterMap

- Suppress unused parameter warnings.
- Remove a few unused parameters.
- Set the correct formatting for size_t log.

Bug: 26936282
Change-Id: I2e2acb15d1bc05c6ba09563a87d5baceebe7ebd9
4c971c001f401d7742db326c8e5654693eb3687e 21-Oct-2015 Michael Wright <michaelwr@google.com> Limit the number of keys read by KeyCharacterMaps.

Apps can send us a KCM containing a ridiculous key count, which will
cause us to crash when an allocation fails. Limit the key count so this
doesn't happen.

Bug: 24876135
Change-Id: I2bb4a5acabfc9184a867a406eef756c28c28f0ad
3b9211608669eb5aafba65d35b4cfbec89755499 08-Oct-2015 Dmitry Torokhov <dtor@google.com> resolved conflicts for b9163905 to mnc-dr-dev-plus-aosp

Change-Id: I83afd79491533b1c7ae2aed50a927db175ba555f
115f93eeebf7f33b56ed090de70d6e8c733e5d88 18-Sep-2015 Dmitry Torokhov <dtor@google.com> Allow defining replacement key events in keymap

Currently keyboard maps allow to assign character sequences to key
events and allow specifying a so-called "fallback" key events that are
re-injected into input stream if target application indicates that it
was not able to handle the original key event. Unfortunately there is no
way to perform substitution before handing the event to applicationis.

This change adds a new keymap keyword "replace" that allows users query
"replacement" actions for key (if any), with the intent that such
replacement happens early in the event handling process.

Bug: 24504154

Change-Id: I3e6a2476c856524171df00ad22ff56f2018c1278
6071da7ef84c60645572654504813d492b8b21d5 13-Aug-2015 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS from frameworks/native.

Change-Id: I8e6af2a46a9d875192fc7957ada9b5f66d84bad6
872db4f11e407accccba9d37c335ef7e3597eba4 23-Apr-2014 Michael Wright <michaelwr@google.com> Move key attribute information out of native.

Native doesn't ever actually care about the attributes of keys, so
move all of it up into the managed layer and move all of the key
names down so they're defined once.

Change-Id: Ic8ded13ce050b2b98744735ff50d11e8d882d7d5
5912f95d26f77d2b6df13e1f2672e48e3f9b871c 02-Jul-2013 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Move input library code from frameworks/base.

Change-Id: I4983db61b53e28479fc90d9211fafff68f7f49a6