History log of /frameworks/native/vulkan/libvulkan/debug_report.h
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bc011fc4d78442d1f0167b04aea3484c62e0a92b 02-May-2016 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> vulkan: add DebugReportLogger

Add DebugReportLogger that can be used during vkCreateInstance and other
commands. Add vulkan::driver::Logger to create a temporary
DebugReportLogger from a dispatchable object. With them, we can log to
debug report by, for example,

Logger(instance).Warn(obj, "failed with %s", err);

Bug: 28120066
Change-Id: If059d38d3cfcfe591031ca135695d08cad42e0a4
b3055f34650cd066a349e1e8cba294b05513ef2e 02-May-2016 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> vulkan: constify DebugReportCallbackList::Message

Sending a message should not modify the state of DebugReportCallbackList,

Bug: 28120066
Change-Id: I7b30b4a41492b4e670408f34a6bffe8b56295afd
a0d40aaf12435fe82bc9c1612dbe97ea2a60da31 04-May-2016 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> vulkan: refactor DebugReportCallbackList

Simplify DebugReportCallbackList to be a thread-safe list with three

- AddCallback adds a node to the list
- RemoveCallback removes a node from the list
- Message invokes each of the nodes on the list

Add some static methods for Node* and VkDebugReportCallbackEXT

Bug: 28120066
Change-Id: I109c6eff368cacb37508e2549dbd0b5dfa23bcb3
622622377a1ac71a81a88e335f170c4a08835f06 26-Mar-2016 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> vulkan: move all _Bottom functions

Move them to vulkan::driver namespace and drop the _Bottom suffix.

Change-Id: I47b1639c4074adb9c0658816f5f1e126df7f685b
e2948d83f352b9a093252a06757f76a88f5355d3 25-Feb-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Update to vulkan.h 1.0.3

Change-Id: Ic607533768989aa65e41b9b0e459d7af170ab180
715b86ac7d0853131b375ff786c87d8d87a762a1 17-Jan-2016 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> vulkan: Support VK_EXT_debug_report in loader and nulldrv

* Add extension to vulkan.api.
* Fix a few errors in upstream vk_ext_debug_report.h; bugs filed.
* Loader enumerates extension iff the driver supports it.
- TODO: Also enumerate if any layers that support it are implicitly
- Note extension may still be enabled if any layer supports it.
* Add loader bottom procs for the extension functions. These will call
through to the driver version if the driver supports the extension.
* Add no-op support to nulldrv, mostly for testing the loader.

Change-Id: I092d2da56ee4c64498f8edae75e0d995478bb6f2
(cherry picked from commit a5ef7c27bc85e3628814532a32ffb9a5c33c4b73)