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24f1d0b9512dfc20bb1814a4e63f976a59f3ad99 14-Sep-2015 Maurice Lam <yukl@google.com> [SuwLib] Add RecyclerView templates

Add new "full-support" build variant that includes RecyclerView as
one of its dependencies, and add RecyclerView templates to the

Bug: 24103690
Change-Id: I01a2b7ba3f9ff1d30a9b8aa9061ffe2a42eed968
7c0b6bae221e3e86e8931089cc3a966aeca95733 28-Aug-2015 Maurice Lam <yukl@google.com> [SuwLib] Upgrade AppCompat to 22.2.1

Upgrade the AppCompat dependency in standalone-rules to 22.2.1 to
use DrawableCompat.wrap()

Change-Id: I95d4668aadb8cf25acadbd0af5a5171cc1476de0
3354831fb1ba4c7c1e55218906c8e532d0520bcd 10-Aug-2015 Jeff Davidson <jpd@google.com> Create a standalone gradle file without SDK/build-tools.

Currently, setup-wizard-lib has two gradle files - build.gradle,
which is used when building from inside the Android tree, where
all dependencies are built from source, and standalone.gradle,
where all dependencies are prebuilts. Unbundled apps generally
want the latter, but this gradle file defines a specific build
tools and SDK version, which is undesirable if we want to build
everything with the same build tools and SDK.

So, introduce a third gradle file, standalone-rules.gradle, which
uses prebuilt support lib dependencies, but which does not define
the SDK and build tools so that another gradle file can define
these at the top level.

Since this doesn't affect existing gradle files, this should be
a safe change.

Bug: 22670848
Change-Id: I95f4294105b54c5d978f6632bd98e2492a6d983c