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Revision Date Author Comments (<<< Hide modified files) (Show modified files >>>)
e852801f9258e00f89da48918b58a6e933643ab9 17-May-2016 Aurimas Liutikas <aurimas@google.com> Update CollapsingToolbarLayout API to use long instead of int.

Updated getScrimAnimationDuration and setScrimAnimationDuration to
use int instead of long.

Bug: 28775495
Change-Id: I1e44d5712114b5f93b2973e474a585ac6fcf709d
c530cc115fddab8e1d9645b322424dd45f9ecd0d 19-Feb-2016 Kirill Grouchnikov <kirillg@google.com> Add test for snapping behavior of AppBarLayout

Also fix bug for incomplete snapping on older devices.

Bug: 27408006
Change-Id: I47fda88c2d7f1bf5ba230e9f7937b2fd05e72282
d95e0bb0271ae59387dd9d2ca402ad6f39d789d2 24-Feb-2016 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Fix FAB and background attrs again

Seems that I didn't actually test with a backgroundTint

Now with added tests to check the background colors.

BUG: 27270707
Change-Id: I92139e9466f33469949d68290def06bf24bbb5ea
6d7a9a02765e4cb497081e66dafb5d9fa76f4312 19-Oct-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Add compat padding to FloatingActionButton ala CardView

Defaults to disabled, but when enabled, FloatingActionButton
will have the same metrics on both Lollipop+, and older
platforms where the compat shadow is used.

BUG: 25274672

Change-Id: Ide28651124ab31472c588e7d65a32999ec674445
3d81c900316412b4130bf40e0dd8b0d3d3a93e78 04-Nov-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Add getter for FAB content background

BUG: 25450451
Change-Id: I513e5fe2f9e0fb7013f03f6d1f8edd957d5ab8dd
fc780bab91bd4275ae2c3b75c3dfb327e008e4db 15-Oct-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Respect a FloatingActionButton's visibility when anchored

Currently when a FAB is anchored to an AppBarLayout, it
controls the FAB's visibility (for the automatic seam
functionality). This meant that any user defined visibility
was ignored since we had no way of distinguishing what was
user defined or not.

This CL fixes that by recording what the user defined visibility
is, and only updates the FAB's visibility from the ABL if the user
has set it to be visible.

BUG: 24973851

Change-Id: Iee9e95a6eac551934844fbfdbd9ca8fe68bcb28b
097e80a3c5518c6bf2e9f3f9b55ed9f4b5cc37e8 16-Oct-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Fix invisible FloatingActionButton pre-ICS

The mutate workaround doesn't work all of the time.
This CL fixes it by always creating our own
GradientDrawable for the background

BUG: 23373046

Change-Id: I4b478a23b89d6721ebead62c5bb67505a5737611
8603357c9433b9aef1805413a3bfc4a4f8decc50 15-Oct-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Make sure that FAB's border respects tint updates

BUG: 24699109
Change-Id: I15469769242abfe9edf8b87b2f88f46dac7aa3de
e667a56703ca0c7cdf1b9890435cace86f224ed7 15-Oct-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Merge "Use the correct interpolators in the design lib" into mnc-ub-dev
3a30d0eaba58dd961cf2ae9be3a7d0b9754a031e 09-Oct-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Use the correct interpolators in the design lib

We're using 'fast out, slow in' for most things, whereas
we should be using the linear variants for things which
are showing/hiding.

BUG: 24796452

Change-Id: I8fa7a69d7eb1f3fcf3db6f495ab4f3173fa48aa7
d9770e12c8ff2d4417700492c6616572be897e93 29-Sep-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Add support for rotating a FAB pre-L

As the shadow is baked into the view pre-L, the shadow
is also rotated when the view is rotated. This CLs
fixes that by offsetting any view property rotation
in both the shadow and border drawables.

BUG: 24464887

Change-Id: I8c39fbe90a2251a5a79b3f31328d47e55f74f931
0ad7ef59b28d8ffafd551d2756b5a8ec47c90682 18-Sep-2015 Mark Wei <markwei@google.com> Add a listener to FloatingActionButton show() and hide().

Bug: 24053775
Change-Id: I36495bd56c48afc3249d3e09761c823a9b6c377a
acbf0dbe11f4d0594dc2949ca18d410b3c3a20b8 20-Aug-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Fix FloatingActionButton being invisible on Gingerbread

BUG: 23373046
Change-Id: I856f8406322624580525a07612cf20bdfbe9a5cc
ba2a96aaf54f6fc755856ef05a3c967a5f000b82 06-Aug-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Fix tab indicator getting out of sync

Caused when the indicator is animating to a
position, but a re-layout happens during the
animation moving the target position.

BUG: 23004032
Change-Id: If9ab0f7e6ea088b28ceca7666a8fde40d5e715e2
83e76aa237302f4afde8ca45e76bb349f3b29851 29-Jul-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> am c1392c0f: Merge "Mutate FAB backgrounds before tinting" into lmp-mr1-ub-dev

* commit 'c1392c0fcfe8bb4d971c30bd6813bb72eaa05204':
Mutate FAB backgrounds before tinting
39d1d2d33cdd490d8b9f68d3300725035c1e0c56 29-Jul-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> FloatingActionButton animation fixes

There are a few scenarios where the FAB can be left
in undesired states. This CL fixes them.

BUG: 22813854
BUG: 22810389
Change-Id: I87f0d7ec81cd1d25b40b5c41c0266095df91e3a9
a0f7a48850082ad48cf2639579331d8c792dbade 28-Jul-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Mutate FAB backgrounds before tinting

BUG: 22782850
Change-Id: I6c3281f7194c7f2e7989ad270469bcd8eaf953b6
a577676a64e5353b8ec927117151aa6be84adf66 23-Jun-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Prefix design lib resources to try and avoid conflicts

BUG: 21363917
Change-Id: I770a01618ac8fefae6d82d1640ccf313111e38e8
be48ed9161c09c4b2178ab6dbe28638222809fc7 05-Jun-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Show/hide FloatingActionButton improvements

We now have an explicit show()/hide() method so that
developers can use the spec'd animation.

Also fixed an issue where the FAB would be animated in,
overriding the developers set vsibility.

BUG: 21652571
BUG: 21652427
BUG: 21689751

Change-Id: I248d49b812c018e6d46a6ccde262433868ae272e
5e690a713ed3e3a7d4092838e5ac24c761a8c527 03-Jun-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Fix setRippleColor on FloatingActionButton

BUG: 21613667
Change-Id: I962acc51e3a4cffee18b11303b300399fe7598fa
80de0674c28a2bd9ade11f24a3b0e46ea83b6847 14-May-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Improve FloatingActionButton border implementation

The previous impl had overdraw issues as it draw a whole
oval behind another large opaque oval. This implementation
moves us to a custom Drawable which draw a stroke oval.

It also allows us to move to a custom LinearGradient shader
to more closely match UX's spec.

Change-Id: I93f2c3c444d0a23fd542f2a35ac1d43d4f699bd6
cd78954a2b32d9c22686f12c194fac7e49566cf6 13-May-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> FloatingActionButton border DO NOT MERGE

This CLs add functionality to add a circular bevel
like stroke around the FAB. Also tidied up the
DrawableWrapper tinting to make sure we invalidate
the tint correctly.

BUG: 21087747

Change-Id: I97e8309574986cdb256c4a9aa7d2c2d1f20d87b1
631f64ec9c6255f38a7f746d7949b6a537c1180f 10-Apr-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> AppBarLayout improvements

- Tidy up listener implementation
- Nested fling support
- Animate FAB pre-v11
- Added internal ValueAnimatorCompat

Change-Id: I3ee6630177015f2bccbf29e5316ef8afe557c5a8
b7f9224b1495db47eb8fd813b5912250e900770a 09-Jan-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Snackbar

Also added a new default swipe-to-dismiss behavior
and hooked it up. Also hooked up the Snackbar
to the Floating Action Buttons.

Change-Id: I717d4db5d34b6c17a2afabe5a3bc2c79fcee4233
c5b63021dfda1dd155775a0b4845c5ca3c70b1b0 07-Feb-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> TextInputLayout - a wrapper around EditText

Currently it implements the floating label
pattern and error message handling.

Change-Id: I65132d06e0eef71f671594c3bb39633e9f89a0da
7e82b99953680915596eaf0eb35927388e574ca8 27-Jan-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Add tintable Drawables to support-v4

Works by using AppCompat's tinting Drawbale wrapper
in support v4. I've also moved over AppCompat and
design lib to use DrawableCompat.

I've also added a workaround due to GradientDrawable
not supporting tinting of Lollipop.

Change-Id: Ifa178eae99207051bf72ba6b9f3148cdcbe1579f
9840efe3dbdc7026521da8576574c55120782f6c 06-Jan-2015 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Floating Action Button

Includes a tweaked ShadowDrawableWrapper which supports
circular shapes. FloatingActionButton also support a
internal StateListAnimator for pre-Lollipop.

Change-Id: Ia88c28c2ab0da0779f1092495e3a417969cb1d2a