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H A DLayout.h29 // The Bitmap class is for debugging. We'll probably move it out
32 class Bitmap { class in namespace:minikin
34 Bitmap(int width, int height);
35 ~Bitmap();
100 void draw(minikin::Bitmap*, int x0, int y0, float size) const;
H A DBitmap.h41 * Bitmap object & SkBitmap along with trying to map a notion of strong/weak
43 * two GC passes to free the byte[] that backs a Bitmap.
48 class Bitmap { class in namespace:android
50 Bitmap(JNIEnv* env, jbyteArray storageObj, void* address,
52 Bitmap(void* address, void* context, FreeFunc freeFunc,
54 Bitmap(void* address, int fd, const SkImageInfo& info, size_t rowBytes,
88 ~Bitmap();
H A DBitmap.cpp1 #define LOG_TAG "Bitmap"
2 #include "Bitmap.h"
37 WrappedPixelRef(Bitmap* wrapper, void* storage,
118 Bitmap& mBitmap;
129 Bitmap::Bitmap(JNIEnv* env, jbyteArray storageObj, void* address, function in class:android::Bitmap
141 Bitmap::Bitmap(void* address, void* context, FreeFunc freeFunc, function in class:android::Bitmap
153 Bitmap::Bitmap(voi function in class:android::Bitmap
H A DLayerBuilder.h46 Bitmap, enumerator in enum:android::uirenderer::OpBatchType::__anon1058
H A DLayout.cpp50 Bitmap::Bitmap(int width, int height) : width(width), height(height) { function in class:minikin::Bitmap
54 Bitmap::~Bitmap() {
58 void Bitmap::writePnm(std::ofstream &o) const {
66 void Bitmap::drawGlyph(const android::GlyphBitmap& bitmap, int x, int y) {
898 void Layout::draw(minikin::Bitmap* surface, int x0, int y0, float size) const {
H A DBitmap.java36 public final class Bitmap implements Parcelable { class in inherits:Parcelable
37 private static final String TAG = "Bitmap";
42 * @see Bitmap#getDensity()
43 * @see Bitmap#setDensity(int)
47 // Estimated size of the Bitmap native allocation, not including
52 * Backing buffer for the Bitmap.
62 * Represents whether the Bitmap's content is requested to be pre-multiplied.
64 * isPremultiplied() may never return true for a 565 Bitmap or a bitmap
111 Bitmap(long nativeBitmap, byte[] buffer, int width, int height, int density, method in class:Bitmap
136 Bitmap

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