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H A DParcel.h46 class Parcel { class in namespace:android
52 Parcel();
53 ~Parcel();
67 status_t appendFrom(const Parcel *parcel,
178 // The Parcel does not take ownership of the given fd unless you ask it to.
213 // Like's writeNoException(). Just writes a zero int32.
303 // Like's readExceptionCode(). Reads the first int32
304 // off of a Parcel's header, returning 0 or the negative error
346 typedef void (*release_func)(Parcel* parcel,
363 Parcel(cons
H A DParcel.cpp17 #define LOG_TAG "Parcel"
36 #include <binder/Parcel.h>
135 LOG_REFS("Parcel %p acquiring reference on local %p", who, obj.cookie);
146 LOG_REFS("Parcel %p acquiring reference on remote %p", who, b.get());
187 LOG_REFS("Parcel %p releasing reference on local %p", who, obj.cookie);
198 LOG_REFS("Parcel %p releasing reference on remote %p", who, b.get());
237 const sp<IBinder>& /*binder*/, const flat_binder_object& flat, Parcel* out)
243 const sp<IBinder>& binder, Parcel* out)
275 const wp<IBinder>& binder, Parcel* out)
325 const Parcel
380 Parcel::Parcel() function in class:android::Parcel
H A DParcel.java52 * be sent through an IBinder. A Parcel can contain both flattened data
57 * connected with the original IBinder in the Parcel.
59 * <p class="note">Parcel is <strong>not</strong> a general-purpose
61 * {@link Parcelable} API for placing arbitrary objects into a Parcel) is
63 * appropriate to place any Parcel data in to persistent storage: changes
64 * in the underlying implementation of any of the data in the Parcel can
67 * <p>The bulk of the Parcel API revolves around reading and writing data
118 * methods write both the class type and its data to the Parcel, allowing
141 * data contents into a Parcel. The methods to use are
147 * <p>An unusual feature of Parcel i
188 public final class Parcel { class
2652 private Parcel(long nativePtr) { method in class:Parcel

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