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e9fec5451704893412c8e707940483a6bdb5f238 14-Mar-2017 John W. Bruce <juce@google.com> Add Flag for Enabling 64-bit Media DRM Server

We are ready for devices to begin migrating to a 64-bit Media DRM
Server. However, not all devices are ready to make this jump yet. A
device needs to have all of its DRM Plugins ready to run as 64-bit
before it can do this. This includes having 64-bit hardware

So that devices can turn on 64-bit support as they get ready, I am
adding flags that can be set in a device's device.mk file. There are two

* ENABLE_MEDIADRM_64 enables building the mediadrmserver as 64-bit.

* Setting drm.64bit.enabled=true in PRODUCT_PROPERTY_OVERRIDES switches
mediadrmserver to searching for DRM Plugins in the 64-bit directory.

Test: Validated that turning on these flags enables a 64-bit
mediadrmserver that loads 64-bit DRM Plugins from the lib64
directory (after setting DISABLE_TREBLE_DRM to true to load this
code as opposed to the Legacy DRM Plugin HAL)
Bug: 36076017
Change-Id: I141cfd57ff75b40c8b0cb40a5bf1439a1ab5b766
a53d6553fce1818bdf87833f93633c93ad1b5915 20-Jan-2017 Jeff Tinker <jtinker@google.com> Implement client code to use Drm and Crypto HALs

This change adds DrmHal & CryptoHal classes that connect to the Treble
HAL interfaces for drm. These classes mirror the existing Drm and
Crypto classes that connect to the DrmPlugin and CryptoPlugin
interfaces. Having both allows mediadrmserver to run in either mode
while the HAL is stabilized.

The shared memory interfaces between mediaserver's ACodecBufferChannel
and ICrypto had to be reworked to use the Treble HALs. Specifically,
the shared memory path for returning decrypted buffers in the
non-secure case had to become separate instead of piggy-backing on the
source shared memory buffer. A separate shared memory destination
buffer is now allocated on the buffer channel. An abstraction for a
decrypt destination buffer was also introduced to clarify ICrypto's
decrypt method.

Tests: Playback using Play Movies and ExoPlayer works on angler
with and without the treble hal enabled.

bug: 32815560
Change-Id: I5a3dc84f99902eb8cf8eabab9ad074d307744950
3003807fcfa96c9cbfea18d643f47108aa116cd5 25-Apr-2016 Jeff Tinker <jtinker@google.com> Remove MediaDrm stack from mediaserver

Part of media security hardening

MediaDrm was temporarily allowed to
run in either mediaserver or mediadrmserver
while all nexus devices were implementing
support for the native_handle representation
of secure buffers. Now that all nexus
devices support native_handle, the MediaDrm
stack can be removed from mediaserver.


Change-Id: Ie5d83bfeb4c4a824e1d0edb4c9452c782d6fd386