History log of /frameworks/av/include/media/VolumeShaper.h
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f370264dfa5237524a3535f5242a0c68cbbb13eb 06-May-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: Fixes for updated Cts test

1) Limit number of VolumeShapers that can be created.
a) 16 system VolumeShapers
b) 16 application/client VolumeShapers
2) Return proper volume before VolumeShaper is started.
3) Consistent xOffset definition used internally:
a) this is now always the position on the volumeshaper curve
which can go backwards if in REVERSE.
b) normalized time is always forward going and is scaled
to 0.f and 1.f depending on progress relative to
the curve's duration.
4) Fix replace method.
5) Add comments.

Test: Use updated CTS VolumeShaperTest
Bug: 37536598
Change-Id: I837ab2a481adc0abbd3f1338bfe2cb79831b11fa
549bd02a8421b0b53a1b5e8961a41cf551fce72d 02-May-2017 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> Fix -Wextra warnings in frameworks/av/include

hardware/qcom/display includes frameworks/av/include headers
while compiling with -Wextra. Fix warnings that were hidden
by -isystem.

Bug: 31751828
Test: lunch bullhead-userdebug && m -j checkbuild
Change-Id: Ib1ee7165882ff3cc1d85c123815604079483f725
39399b6b08b4e9fd7eae50e58e93b07216ad697f 22-Apr-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: Improve restore

Consider whether VolumeShaper has been started or not when
restoring (position). If the VolumeShaper hasn't been started
we restore in that state. If it has been started already,
we advance to the end assuming the duration has been played out.

Test: CTS and headset / kill audioserver
Bug: 37536598
Change-Id: I4b55dca6f6a859563fd20bad4c8f67d2c92321c0
7d712bb0916182cb73f05ec9144b39314ddd5eab 20-Apr-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: Clean up constructors

Explicit only for single argument constructors

Test: instrumented ducking, CTS
Bug: 37536598
Change-Id: I78776f500513a40c8daf7af78cbaec4b153e9ea2
da540db0fc21bc9319d9602aefe1a109d00a7e6c 20-Apr-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: improve logging and dumpsys

Test: CTS and dumpsys
Bug: 37536598
Change-Id: I9a838a8605defde3aaf42a872e48f01425df0f0e
4ef88d7106c01f81109ee163cb6789073d80c6ae 22-Feb-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: Add AudioTrack restore

MediaPlayer VolumeShaper can now be set before start().

Test: CTS and Ducking
Bug: 31015569
Change-Id: Idf63c167e164161b200e2467fbeb9409b3097dbe
10cbff139360f3f642e0e3b3ccf2d463dbed22cf 22-Feb-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: Enable for offload and direct tracks

Test: Play Music in offload mode
Bug: 31015569
Change-Id: I00bb59e3e6809d4682f42057b1cc083f4fa9b9d1
9fc8b5cd4a64ef07e84c69112461324d5c13a0b0 24-Jan-2017 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> VolumeShaper: Initial implementation

The VolumeShaper is used to apply a volume
envelope to an AudioTrack or a MediaPlayer.

Test: CTS
Bug: 30920125
Bug: 31015569
Change-Id: I42e2f13bd6879299dc780e60d143c2d465483a44