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4c67a475a334e4f65238d439a3339195e03c03be 11-Nov-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Make tests use APKs instead of exploded APKs

Tests would expect parts of the APK to be unzipped and
maintained. Instead, we now decompress the required files
from the test APKs on test setup. This simplifies
test maintenance substantially.

Test: make libandroidfw_tests && libandroidfw_tests --testdata=frameworks/base/libs/androidfw/tests/data
Change-Id: I3d2100af22df913e02401dedcf9842cdb32b2a3b
f90f2f8dc36e7243b85e0b6a7fd5a590893c827e 06-Jun-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Support multiple resource tables with same package

In order to support APK split features, the resource
table needs to support loading multiple resource
tables with the same package but potentially new set
of type IDs.

This adds some complexity as the type ID space changes
from dense and ordered to potentially sparse.

A ByteBucketArray is used to store the type IDs in
a memory efficient way that allows for fast retrieval.

In addition, the IDMAP format has changed. We no longer
need random access to the type data, since we store the
types differently. However, random access to entries of
a given type is still required.

Change-Id: If6f5be680b405b368941d9c1f2b5d2ddca964160