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d7410f7829ff591ca81ad93c9c9b1632ea80d1bc 04-Apr-2017 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix pop-up shadow drawn in the wrong place with Skia pipeline

Fix a bug in DrawShadow matrix calculation. Recorded matrix does
not need to be applied, because parent display lists have already
replayed matrix transformations.

Test: added a new HWUI unit test that is passing only after this fix
Bug: 33103723
Change-Id: I7a47dbe879df6b9e5920a47c0e1168d9902a3e70
3c01a07fff19c5166274de5960935875ea89e455 23-Mar-2017 Robert Phillips <robertphillips@google.com> Update RenderNodeDrawableTests to new onNewImageSnapshot API
Test: does it compiles

Change-Id: I55e3d7e2e59bfde88357fd455fe567d07c8a26b7
ea1fe9b9d6ff9f0a543489979a0a909acc9ea564 01-Mar-2017 Derek Sollenberger <djsollen@google.com> Update SkiaDisplayList to use the modified SkLiteDL

SkLiteDL is no longer refcounted or a subclass of SkDrawable.

Test: on device testing in SkiaGL mode
Change-Id: I9ad53d764a26ab382d80d54908325962f2075802
2de950d5a8b47c7b4648ada1b1260ce4b7342798 25-Jan-2017 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Overhaul RenderNode's DisplayList management

* Move mValid to native
* Have destroyHardwareResources destroy everything
* Remove flaky mParentCount checks in setStaging
* All tree updates have an internal observer to
ensure onRemovedFromTree() is a reliable signal
* onRemovedFromTree() immediately releases resources
to avoid displaylist "leaks"

Test: Unit tests for validity added & pass, manually
verified that b/34072929 doesn't repro

Bug: 34072929

Change-Id: I856534b4ed1b7f009fc4b7cd13209b97fa42a71c
c1db0e0ff701c81aa909789e3c6c4d3d5b3aca84 23-Jan-2017 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Remove all calls to SkCanvas::getClipStack from HWUI unit tests

Refactor HWUI unit tests to not invoke SkCanvas::getClipStack,
because this Skia API is going to be deprecated.

Test: Build and ran sailfish-eng. Ran HWUI unit tests.
Change-Id: Iac277aa26fbe9e2a0860cde2dd43732ed1c4c4e3
624ad836ec7f174369df30219099260b951b7ef4 11-Jan-2017 Derek Sollenberger <djsollen@google.com> Fix Skia merge by fixing API mismatch.

Test: compile
Change-Id: Ie524af03fd3c85cceac13abdcdd9af8ef6ca6bb9
68885e38b86405b333e3f8fd4ff0a104889147c4 14-Dec-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Modify savelayer to save matrix and clip for Skia pipeline

Modify SkiaCanvas::saveLayer to always save matrix and clip and
match HWUI behaviour. Also ensure android state tracking
behavior matches that of the Skia API (partial saves not
supported). This change is fixing SaveLayerAnimation
macrobench when buffer age is disabled.
Add a HWUI unit test that verifies clip and matrix are restored.

Test: built and ran angler-eng, ran hwui unit tests
Change-Id: I62e429f9746518fef67663b0dd99ac499bf31af3
6c67f1d04591f44bccb476d715a005ad5bbdf840 14-Dec-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> SkClipOp is now an enum class

Change-Id: If423dd013a264162ae0b7674a0eeef34bc2cdaae
52771272f4f018f4fc6846224bf047497e784af1 17-Nov-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Add more Skia pipeline unit tests.

Add more Skia pipeline unit tests and fix an issue
in backdrop/content bounds clip logic.

Test: built and run angler-eng and HWUI unit tests.
Change-Id: Ie41f80ff7ce9802a4d76e8b14f1695dbc9771a2b
6e49c9f007c879f05b035c40c0ba543c00f9d0d0 02-Dec-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> switch over clip calls to use SkClipOp instead of SkRegion::Op

Change-Id: I67d23c487b5249bc31d96e3b2393f693c0b2bcff
347691f8d87157be0eaeca26f4003d8a06a275e3 01-Dec-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix a crash in skia pipeline, when empty reorder block is first

Fix a crash in skia pipeline, which happens if an empty reorder
barrier is inserted at index 0 in a SkiaDisplayList.
Add a unit test that repro the bug (unit test is crashing wihtout
the fix and passing with the fix).

Test: built and ran skia pipeline with angler-eng and run HWUI unit

Change-Id: I4aded15021c70cc0ae8daa83bbe8ed0e10a41eef
338da9c8f99de1fd70bac24971da71c32d18bd3c 29-Nov-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> Merge "SkCanvas is no longer reference-counted"
88e0891f6657573a5ad918c2d76d6c02bb8ceba3 23-Nov-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix draw order for non-RenderNode draw commands

Fix a drawing order issue in Skia pipeline. Add unit test in both
HWUI and Skia to test the fix.

Test: built and ran on angler-eng and HWUI unit tests passed.
Bug: 32506749
Change-Id: I7f13457726a8664f18a46aca2279b876acec2944
6acfe16b5650446dbdcce3bd779b52fb6533a41e 18-Nov-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> SkCanvas is no longer reference-counted

Change-Id: Ie821efe7c0a7d1301715e303aaf4d7ec86ac35e7
db45a4bfaff1120a9b23073e46a0cc6d39f56023 08-Nov-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix Skia render node projection to match HWUI

Fix Skia render node projection to match HWUI. Port
FrameBuilderTests_projectionReorder test for Skia pipeline.
Add new tests in both HWUI and Skia to cover more projection
use cases.

Test: built and run on angler-eng
Change-Id: Ibf27af211452ae95d595aca7723ea63f48b0b282
2f06e8ad1a1c4d0866bb66854d2759e275898635 02-Nov-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix RenderNodeDrawable to draw nonzero Z nodes when needed

Fix RenderNodeDrawable to draw nonzero Z nodes if not in a reordering
Write an unit test modeled after FrameBuilder zReorder, which
verifies the bug fix.

Test: built and run unit tests on angler-eng.
bug: 32541103
Change-Id: Ifbf2d51f4432f5de3af4abe5987c2a72fed14185
500a0c30d4dcd012218c3e44a62926a1c34a259f 26-Oct-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan.

Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan:
base SkiaPipeline, SkiaOpenGLPipeline and SkiaVulkanPipeline.
Write unit tests for SkiaPipeline.

Test: Built and run manually on angler-eng.
Change-Id: Ie02583426cb3547541ad9bf91700602a6163ff58
021693b967a2c5556dddd183eb0247df4079e1ad 17-Oct-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Implement SkiaRecordingCanvas, RenderNodeDrawable and other drawables.

Implement SkiaRecordingCanvas, RenderNodeDrawable, GLFunctorDrawable,
LayerDrawable, StartReorderBarrierDrawable, EndReorderBarrierDrawable.
Move AnimatedRoundRect and AnimatedCircle in a separate file.
All Skia pipeline files are moved in hwui/pipeline/skia folder.
Add unit tests for RenderNodeDrawable, StartReorderBarrierDrawable,
EndReorderBarrierDrawable and SkiaRecordingCanvas.

Test: I tested manually on 6P devices and did run the unit tests.
Change-Id: If2a347bd1fc4689953822294ce5bf98c7f3f57c7