History log of /frameworks/base/libs/hwui/utils/VectorDrawableUtils.h
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4bbc2931263b232fba61807fca00e127573eff42 02-Dec-2015 Doris Liu <tianliu@google.com> VectorDrawable native rendering - Step 3 of MANY

- Refactored VPathRenderer & VectorDrawableState
- Moved all the VD rendering into native
- Set up hooks for VD's property changes in JNI for animated VD

TODO: JNI calls can be further reduced when we convert the animation
in AVD to use RenderNodeAnimator, in which case animation will be
driven from native and therefore most of the JNI hooks for changing
VD's properties during animation will no longer be needed.

Change-Id: I52021f4d7bea057b83ace54085d870dd45acae0f
804618d0863a5d8ad1b08a846bd5319be864a1cb 17-Nov-2015 Doris Liu <tianliu@google.com> VectorDrawable native rendering - Step 2 of MANY

Introduced PathData in Java, which is effectively a thin layer around the
native instance. PathData holds the verbs and points which is being used
in path morphing/interpolation. The verbs and points can be interpreted
into skia path commands, which is now done in native and therefore saves
a handful of JNI calls during path creation.

Removed the old PathDataNode mechanism and changed the PathEvaluator
to use PathData instead.

Also added tests and a microbench. Also ran CTS tests for VectorDrawable
and AnimatedVectorDrawable, and passed all of the existing tests.

Change-Id: Ia166f5172ff031fe18b154327967f911a62caec1