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282e181b58cf72b6ca770dc7ca5f91f135444502 24-Jan-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Revert "Move frameworks/base/tools/ to frameworks/tools/"

This reverts commit 9f6a119c8aa276432ece4fe2118bd8a3c9b1067e.
9f6a119c8aa276432ece4fe2118bd8a3c9b1067e 28-Aug-2013 Mike Lockwood <lockwood@google.com> Move frameworks/base/tools/ to frameworks/tools/

Change-Id: I3ffafdab27cc4aca256c3a5806b630795b75d5c8
9d3b1a424c5c61e24e9659d15fb353026a00d925 02-Jul-2013 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Move input library code to frameworks/native.

No longer compile libandroidfw as a static library on the device
since it already exists as a shared library. Keeping the static
library would force us to provide a static library version of
libinput for the device as well which doesn't make sense.

Change-Id: I3517881b87b47dcc209d80dbd0ac6b5cf29a766f
6ec6f79e1ac1714e3b837796e99f07ff88f66601 18-Apr-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Support loading keyboard layout overlays from resources.

Added the concept of a keyboard layout overlay, which is
a key character map file that has "type OVERLAY".

Added support for loading keyboard layout overlays from
resources dynamically. The layouts are reloaded whenever they
are changed in the Settings application or an application
is installed. This is somewhat more aggressive than necessary
so we might want to optimize it later.

Before system-ready, the input system uses just the generic
keyboard layouts that are included on the device system image.
After system-ready, it considers the user's selected keyboard
layout overlay and attempts to load it as necessary. We need to
wait until system-ready before doing this because we need to
be in a state where it is safe to start applications or access
their resources.

Bug: 6110399
Change-Id: Iae0886d3356649b0d2440aa00910a888cedd8323
9f25b7fdf216c9ef0bd2322cd223eeaf0d60f77f 10-Apr-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Request key maps from input manager service.

Instead of each application loading the KeyCharacterMap from
the file system, get them from the input manager service as
part of the InputDevice object.

Refactored InputManager to be a proper singleton instead of
having a bunch of static methods.

InputManager now maintains a cache of all InputDevice objects
that it has loaded. Currently we never invalidate the cache
which can cause InputDevice to return stale motion ranges if
the device is reconfigured. This will be fixed in a future change.

Added a fake InputDevice with ID -1 to represent the virtual keyboard.

Change-Id: If7a695839ad0972317a5aab89e9d1e42ace28eb7
5bf842b22e79d779d82d5a1cc84b57b7ff7bd846 18-Feb-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Fix build break.

Change-Id: I0bc8ac6e76ff28bd4c3585afbd6b3aa1930bf710
6f2fba428ca5e77a26d991ad728e346cc47609ee 19-Feb-2011 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Add new axes for joysticks and mouse wheels.

Added API on InputDevice to query the set of axes available.
Added API on KeyEvent and MotionEvent to convert keycodes and axes
to symbolic name strings for diagnostic purposes.
Added API on KeyEvent to query if a given key code is a gamepad button.
Added a new "axis" element to key layout files to specify the
mapping between raw absolute axis values and motion axis ids.
Expanded the axis bitfield to 64bits to allow for future growth.
Modified the Makefile for keyboard prebuilts to run the keymap
validation tool during the build.
Added layouts for two game controllers.
Added default actions for game pad button keys.
Added more tests.
Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Change-Id: I73f9166c3b3c5bcf4970845b58088ad467525525
9065504a63d6bf37bf621191fda1d1fe4da76ee3 02-Dec-2010 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Improve support for external keyboards.

Use Vendor ID, Product ID and optionally the Version to
locate keymaps and configuration files for external devices.

Moved virtual key definition parsing to native code so that
EventHub can identify touch screens with virtual keys and load
the appropriate key layout file.

Cleaned up a lot of old code in EventHub.

Fixed a regression in ViewRoot's fallback event handling.

Fixed a minor bug in FileMap that caused it to try to munmap
or close invalid handled when released if the attempt to map
the file failed.

Added a couple of new String8 conveniences for formatting strings.

Modified Tokenizer to fall back to open+read when mmap fails since
we can't mmap sysfs files as needed to open the virtual key
definition files in /sys/board_properties/.

Change-Id: I6ca5e5f9547619fd082ddac47e87ce185da69ee6
ab841350f99fad48c1bdeb0f62c1713fcfcbf437 24-Nov-2010 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Fix build on Linux due to different strrchr prototype.

It seems Linux host build has a fancy strrchr overload that preserves
constness. That's nice but it broke this.

Change-Id: I3c9b57b9ce9abc5d334d1e7b2498a3248bd20a6a
061cf758841dfc972be3f0ec4857762fafe49aa6 19-Nov-2010 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Port Emulator keymaps.

Also added a validation tool for keymaps (not currently integrated
into the build system but getting there).

This change brings back Android.mk with the intent that it will
be used to validate keymaps in a later change.

Added some missing keys that are present on phones.

Bug: 3215210
Bug: 3225421
Change-Id: Id817c6e2215164616942c51a42752915d9ceacd3