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28443c23fb22fd9cc07117842c4c2155e3fde5fc 30-May-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Consistent "low storage" behavior.

When freeing cached data, the caller can now provide a "reserved"
size which we won't clear cached data from.

Bug: 38008706
Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsJobSchedulerTestCases -t android.jobscheduler.cts.StorageConstraintTest
Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAppSecurityHostTestCases -t android.appsecurity.cts.StorageHostTest
Change-Id: Ieb91b3e5345a950d4785fd7915f520f0a68a567a
(cherry picked from commit 60f8a5330ca921d936ae306bf6d17596b82b518c)
a836c472f017f09cf16fa68176df461a4958d22a 03-Apr-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> We really want f_frsize.

It's confusing, but f_bsize is not the value you're looking for; the
real block size is f_frsize. Fix all those bugs.

Test: builds, boots
Bug: 36840579
Change-Id: I2846b8998c27f3e9a71dbf573a0a22158215a3bd
ed909ae8db2f44ce7fe7003c6fee457f13669702 23-Mar-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Follow "atomic" to "group" refactoring.

Remove noisy logging about UIDs that are relying on default cache
quota of 64MiB.

Move away from yucky old statfs() and use statvfs() instead.

Test: /data/nativetest/installd_cache_test/installd_cache_test
Bug: 35812899, 35684969, 36482620
Change-Id: I3d68da97eac2ebcda489bdf9d27061cac5b3f7cc
871a8f236ef2a055b9955b47a342b2c44c020ef7 22-Feb-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Logic for atmoic/tombstone behavior; split mode.

Flesh out logic for cache directories that request new atomic and/or
tombstone clearing behaviors. Atomic directories are considered for
deletion as a single all-or-nothing unit, and tombstone directories
truncate any removed files instead of unlinking them.

Since these behaviors can be mixed together, add local tests that
quickly verify several different permutations.

Reduce memory footprint of CacheItem objects by only storing name
and pointer to parent (instead of full path). Fix ordering bug by
switching to std::stable_sort.

Add "V2_DEFY_QUOTA" flag so we can split clearing into two distinct
phases: clearing data for apps above their quotas, and then pushing
deeper by clearing data for apps below their quotas.

Test: adb shell /data/nativetest64/installd_cache_test/installd_cache_test
Bug: 34692014, 33811826
Change-Id: I156897de1d1d1c371b2b837128b2e286bf33d40d