History log of /frameworks/native/libs/vr/libpdx/private/pdx/rpc/serialization.h
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f6b5b93708333bf7ac746fa75f78d4b2acdf89c2 28-Mar-2017 Corey Tabaka <eieio@google.com> libpdx: Fix forward declarations using default template args.

The default expression for the template argument should be part of
the forward declaration rather than the defintion to properly resolve
overloads with nested types that use Serializable.

Bug: 36401174
Test: build; run pdx tests
Change-Id: I520750cdd86bc3141084fbe62412e13635fc7d7b
f0a7bd033941e26e380232a0515e903cf8e678e5 01-Apr-2017 Alex Vakulenko <avakulenko@google.com> pdx: Rework error reporting when transfering file and channel handles

There is a lot of confusion about reporting errors when passing file
and channel handles over PDX transport between client and service.

Methods like Message::PushFileHandle return an integer which means
both a file handle reference value (if positive) and a possible error
code (if negative). But file handles could contain negative values too
(when they are empty). This is used frequently when passing buffer
fences around (when a fence is not being used, its fd is set to -1).

This results in a special case of when PushFileHandle is called with
a file handle with value of -1, the return value is actually "-errno"
which becomes dependent on a global state (errno is not set by
PushFileHandle itself in case file handle value is negative) and results
in unpredicted behavior (sometimes errno is 0, sometimes its >0).

Cleaned this all up by using Status<T> everywhere we used an int to
pass value payload along with possible error code.

Now the semantics of the calls are more clear.

Bug: 36866492
Test: `m -j32` for sailfish-eng succeeds
Ran unit tests on device (pdx_tests, libpdx_uds_tests, bufferhub_tests,
buffer_hub_queue-test, buffer_hub_queue_producer-test), all pass
Ran CubeSea, NativeTreasureHunt and Ithaca on Sailfish with vrflinger
enabled, was able to use controller and screen rendered correctly.

Change-Id: I0f40c3f356fcba8bc217d5219a0ddf9685e57fd7
e4eec20f6263f4a42ae462456f60ea6c4518bb0a 27-Jan-2017 Alex Vakulenko <avakulenko@google.com> Add DaydreamVR native libraries and services

Upstreaming the main VR system components from master-dreamos-dev
into goog/master.

Bug: None
Test: `m -j32` succeeds. Sailfish boots and basic_vr sample app works
Change-Id: I853015872afc443aecee10411ef2d6b79184d051