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c80f9e037bedb09d08a261f255f87ea105fa371b 21-Dec-2017 Primiano Tucci <primiano@google.com> Perfetto SELinux policies

Perfetto is a performance instrumentation and logging framework,
living in AOSP's /external/pefetto.
Perfetto introduces in the system one binary and two daemons
(the binary can specialize in either depending on the cmdline).

1) traced: unprivileged daemon. This is architecturally similar to logd.
It exposes two UNIX sockets:
- /dev/socket/traced_producer : world-accessible, allows to stream
tracing data. A tmpfs file descriptor is sent via SCM_RIGHTS
from traced to each client process, which needs to be able to
mmap it R/W (but not X)
- /dev/socket/traced_consumer : privilege-accessible (only from:
shell, statsd). It allows to configure tracing and read the trace
2) traced_probes: privileged daemon. This needs to:
- access tracingfs (/d/tracing) to turn tracing on and off.
- exec atrace
- connect to traced_producer to stream data to traced.

init.rc file:

Bug: 70942310
Change-Id: Ia3b5fdacbd5a8e6e23b82f1d6fabfa07e4abc405
63f4677342eb93dd2ac90187671a52282190533a 09-Nov-2017 Jeff Vander Stoep <jeffv@google.com> Allow vendor apps to use surfaceflinger_service

Vendor apps may only use servicemanager provided services
marked as app_api_service. surfaceflinger_service should be
available to vendor apps, so add this attribute and clean up
duplicate grants.

avc: denied { find } scontext=u:r:qtelephony:s0
tcontext=u:object_r:surfaceflinger_service:s0 tclass=service_manager
avc: denied { find } scontext=u:r:ssr_detector:s0
tcontext=u:object_r:surfaceflinger_service:s0 tclass=service_manager
avc: denied { find } scontext=u:r:qcneservice:s0
tcontext=u:object_r:surfaceflinger_service:s0 tclass=service_manager

Bug: 69064190
Test: build
Change-Id: I00fcf43b0a8bde232709aac1040a5d7f4792fa0f
91d398d802b4fbd33c2b88da9f56ecee8bdc363c 26-Sep-2017 Dan Cashman <dcashman@google.com> Sync internal master and AOSP sepolicy.

Bug: 37916906
Test: Builds 'n' boots.
Change-Id: Ia1d86264446ebecc1ca79f32f11354921bc77668
Merged-In: I208ec6a864127a059fb389417a9c6b259d7474cb
f5446eb1486816c00136b2b5f0a3cc4a01706000 23-Mar-2017 Alex Klyubin <klyubin@google.com> Vendor domains must not use Binder

On PRODUCT_FULL_TREBLE devices, non-vendor domains (except vendor
apps) are not permitted to use Binder. This commit thus:
* groups non-vendor domains using the new "coredomain" attribute,
* adds neverallow rules restricting Binder use to coredomain and
appdomain only, and
* temporarily exempts the domains which are currently violating this
rule from this restriction. These domains are grouped using the new
"binder_in_vendor_violators" attribute. The attribute is needed
because the types corresponding to violators are not exposed to the
public policy where the neverallow rules are.

Test: mmm system/sepolicy
Test: Device boots, no new denials
Test: In Chrome, navigate to ip6.me, play a YouTube video
Test: YouTube: play a video
Test: Netflix: play a movie
Test: Google Camera: take a photo, take an HDR+ photo, record video with
sound, record slow motion video with sound. Confirm videos play
back fine and with sound.
Bug: 35870313
Change-Id: I0cd1a80b60bcbde358ce0f7a47b90f4435a45c95
7291641803f204f5ba3ebdbe700f9510419810a3 01-Nov-2016 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCAS: adding media.cas to service

Also allow media.extractor to use media.cas for descrambling.

bug: 22804304

Change-Id: Id283b31badecb11011211a776ba9ff5167a9019d
a782a816271e48e357faf93a61b4fde259da1e3b 06-Feb-2017 Chad Brubaker <cbrubaker@google.com> Add new untrusted_v2_app domain

untrusted_v2_app is basically a refinement of untrusted_app with legacy
capabilities removed and potentially backwards incompatible changes.

This is not currently hooked up to anything.

Bug: 33350220
Test: builds
Change-Id: Ic9fad57476bc2b6022b1eaca8667bf6d844753c2