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1634d841af26421a76ef4c723095786da6d350a4 08-Jun-2016 Felipe Leme <felipeal@google.com> Improved error handling.

adb bugreport now properly handles stderr.

BUG: 29161586
Change-Id: I7a59d1feadda3d160eae6fe447a7a3c7e0843cbb
ceeb64281d012cfac99827adbcdb5800b2ce0542 15-Apr-2016 Felipe Leme <felipeal@google.com> Added -v option to bugreportz.

Calling 'bugreportz -v' will print its version, which will make it
easier for 'adb' to support multiple versions in the future (for
example, next version could display the bugreport progress rather than
wait until it is finished).

BUG: 27653204
Change-Id: I1bbb35a66cfc79ca534ae9eb7c2a53540755d653
2628e9e939fda323fa44c5cb743f4a77b12a312a 13-Apr-2016 Felipe Leme <felipeal@google.com> Added support for 'bugreport -z'.

Dumpstate now supports zipped bugreport, whose output is more complete
than the flat-file bugreports provided prior to N.

The whole workflow is split in different components:

- adb supports a 'bugreport -z <ZIP_FILE>' option, which calls a
bugreportz binary.
- bugreportz starts the dumpstatez service.
- dumpstatez starts dumpstate with some flags that opens a socket for
control (not output).
- Once dumpstate is finished, it prints the bugreport location to
- adb pulls the zip file and renames according to the command-line
- bugreport prints a deprecation message.

The reason for a new binary (bugreportz) instead of passing arguments to
bugreport (like -z) is backward compatibility: pre-N versions of
bugreport would ignore such argument and generate a text bugreport,
which is not what adb would be expecting.

BUG: 27653204

Change-Id: I47f6f677eba11d5fb54818ae5a0b3cab069776ee