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H A DPool.java23 public abstract T acquire(); method in interface:Pool
H A DSynchronizedPool.java37 public T acquire() { method in class:SynchronizedPool
39 return mPool.acquire();
H A DFinitePool.java39 * Next object to acquire
61 public T acquire() { method in class:FinitePool
H A DScreenOnBlocker.java28 * Calls to acquire() nest and must be matched by the same number
31 void acquire(); method in interface:ScreenOnBlocker
H A DSuspendBlocker.java30 * Calls to acquire() nest and must be matched by the same number
33 void acquire(); method in interface:SuspendBlocker
H A DPowerManagerService.java372 mWakeLockSuspendBlocker.acquire();
1708 mWakeLockSuspendBlocker.acquire();
2484 public void acquire() { method in class:PowerManagerService.SuspendBlockerImpl
2525 public void acquire() { method in class:PowerManagerService.ScreenOnBlockerImpl
H A DSharedBuffer.cpp96 void SharedBuffer::acquire() const { function in class:android::SharedBuffer
H A DSipWakeLock.java42 synchronized void acquire(long timeout) { method in class:SipWakeLock
48 mTimerWakeLock.acquire(timeout);
51 synchronized void acquire(Object holder) { method in class:SipWakeLock
57 if (!mWakeLock.isHeld()) mWakeLock.acquire();
58 if (DEBUG) Log.v(TAG, "acquire count=" + mHolders.size());
H A DTokenWatcher.java59 * Record that this token has been acquired. When acquire is called, and
68 public void acquire(IBinder token, String tag) method in class:TokenWatcher
H A DUpdateLock.java102 public void acquire() { method in class:UpdateLock
104 Log.v(TAG, "acquire() : " + this, new RuntimeException("here"));
118 Log.e(TAG, "Unable to contact service to acquire");
H A DPowerManager.java27 * Do not acquire {@link WakeLock}s unless you really need them, use the minimum levels
41 * wl.acquire();
368 * Call {@link WakeLock#acquire() acquire()} on the object to acquire the
378 * wl.acquire();
385 * required to actually acquire or release the wake lock that is returned.
397 * @see WakeLock#acquire()
614 * Call {@link #acquire()} to acquire th
682 public void acquire() { method in class:PowerManager.WakeLock
698 public void acquire(long timeout) { method in class:PowerManager.WakeLock
H A DRenderAction.java51 * {@link #init(long)} and {@link #acquire(long)} to start a rendering and {@link #release()}
61 * The current context being rendered. This is set through {@link #acquire(long)} and
74 * call to {@link RenderAction#acquire(long)}
91 * @see #acquire(long)
95 // acquire the lock. if the result is null, lock was just acquired, otherwise, return
153 public Result acquire(long timeout) { method in class:RenderAction
158 // acquire the lock. if the result is null, lock was just acquired, otherwise, return
178 * @return null if the lock was just acquire or another result depending on the state.
297 * the scene, or if {@link #acquire(long)} was not called.
302 throw new IllegalStateException("scene must be acquired first. see #acquire(lon
H A DFileMap.h85 FileMap* acquire(void) { mRefCount++; return this; } function in class:android::FileMap
H A DTokenizer.cpp41 uint32_t Tokenizer::acquire() function in class:android::Tokenizer
H A DCameraMetadata.cpp69 void CameraMetadata::acquire(camera_metadata_t *buffer) { function in class:android::camera2::CameraMetadata
74 void CameraMetadata::acquire(CameraMetadata &other) { function in class:android::camera2::CameraMetadata
75 acquire(other.release());
H A Degl_object.h80 void acquire() const;
103 void egl_object_t::LocalRef<N,T>::acquire() const { function in class:android::egl_object_t::LocalRef
H A DHWComposer.cpp687 status_t HWComposer::acquire(int disp) { function in class:android::HWComposer
H A DRelativeLayout.java1453 final Node node = Node.acquire(view);
1678 static Node acquire(View view) { method in class:RelativeLayout.DependencyGraph.Node
1679 final Node node = sPool.acquire();
H A DWifiManager.java1597 * If this WifiLock is reference-counted, each call to {@code acquire} will increment the
1601 * If this WifiLock is not reference-counted, the first call to {@code acquire} will lock
1603 * will be required, regardless of the number of times that {@code acquire} is called.
1605 public void acquire() { method in class:WifiManager.WifiLock
1631 * a greater number of times than {@link #acquire}), an exception is thrown.
1634 * the radio was locked using {@link #acquire}) will unlock the radio, and subsequent
1658 * Reference-counted WifiLocks keep track of the number of calls to {@link #acquire} and
1659 * {@link #release}, and only allow the radio to sleep when every call to {@link #acquire}
1661 * lock the radio whenever {@link #acquire} is called and it is unlocked, and unlock the
1818 * {@code acquire} wil
1834 public void acquire() { method in class:WifiManager.MulticastLock
H A DView.java10746 final AttachInfo.InvalidateInfo info = AttachInfo.InvalidateInfo.acquire();
10795 final AttachInfo.InvalidateInfo info = AttachInfo.InvalidateInfo.acquire();
17657 static InvalidateInfo acquire() { method in class:View.AttachInfo.InvalidateInfo
17658 return sPool.acquire();

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