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4fe76d31717408419e99d1714e7867578126bec5 16-Nov-2016 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Merge "[NFC] Add missing copyright headers to lldb tests"
7d72c9e5ad10e85789a0bc2e63c3f918c609ae49 15-Nov-2016 Chih-Hung Hsieh <chh@google.com> Remove unneeded using namespace statements.

* To suppress clang-tidy warnings on the "using namespace ..." statements.
* Most of them can be removed because "using namespace android::RSC"
is already in the generated ScriptC_*.h files.

Bug: 32670901
Test: build with WITH_TIDY=1
Change-Id: I493e5043a3240bbd1c1fdaca8a69855222b728f6
5bbcc3861c44435f89481f80946ef5c9c49968f2 11-Nov-2016 Luke Drummond <luke.drummond@codeplay.com> [NFC] Add missing copyright headers to lldb tests

Test: NFC

Change-Id: I94fb6b3965887f24188d9afdc7b115c370f42b3f
Signed-off-by: Luke Drummond <luke.drummond@codeplay.com>
dcecc0c8d22e894525e25a122ce25129b51338f2 28-Mar-2016 Dean De Leo <dean@codeplay.com> Python test suite for debugging a RenderScript app using lldb.

Includes testing for newly introduced lldb commands, which are subcommands
of "language renderscript". The targets ARM, AArch64, x86, x86-64 and
Mips32 are fully supported and should expect a 100% pass rate.

Change-Id: Ida882056b3627b380dfda880e22a121d68d79922