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dd3cb84cfbe8068790c6233b5829fae9c4a0ee93 20-Oct-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: add support for secure displays

This change adds support for displays that are not allowed to display surfaces
with the eSecure flag set. All non-virtual displays are considered secure,
while virtual displays have their secure-ness specified at creation time.

Bug: 7368436
Change-Id: I81ad535d2d1e5a7ff78269017e85b111f0098500
2d5e230292c27d59f4c096bc742a0a19abf811c1 16-Oct-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: add animation transactions

This change adds a transaction flag for WindowManager to indicate that a
transaction is being used to animate windows around the screen. SurfaceFlinger
will not allow more than one of these transactions to be outstanding at a time
to prevent the animation "frames" from being dropped.

Bug: 7353840
Change-Id: I6488a6e0e1ed13d27356d2203c9dc766dc6b1759
2a09bb321930e1f782599ec902bca1db58b9af77 09-Oct-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Add blankDisplay/unblankDisplay to SurfaceComposerClient.

Bug: 7309812
Change-Id: Ia401d642094a46c62f0d26c65da1d11341e203a1
9504eb915c9628e130f45019bdefda0168089886 05-Oct-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Fix race condition in ConsumerBase::addReleaseFence()

This needs the ConsumerBase mutex locked, but wasn't locking it. Two
of the four places that called it already held the lock so were fine.
Now addReleaseFence() takes the lock itself, and I added
addReleaseFenceLocked() for the two already-locked callers, since in
one of them dropping the lock would be inconvenient.

Bug: 7289269
Change-Id: I7a5628adb516f8eec782aa6c14128202f96d7b0a
c01a79d77b829e7de86ef137694e8ad708470ca1 28-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Pass display arg to blank/unblank

This allows us to blank and unblank displays other than the built-in
display (e.g. HDMI).

Bug: 7240511
Change-Id: I89ea13f9e497be74c3e1231d0c62fb558e93e0f8
38b657265ccc5ae45bd7860a68b0d9373b47a2f3 28-Sep-2012 Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com> Revert "Compatibility work around for bad graphics driver dependency."

This reverts commit a50b51c03aca449920fc8581a738032a7bce7150

Change-Id: Ibdcd776a7f241dbb2475403ea04f939249774c41
4803b74e2a12a508f7bbfde6f6a962fe3299c61c 25-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Show build config in dumpsys SurfaceFlinger

This adds a line to the "dumpsys SurfaceFlinger" output that shows
build-time configuration values.

Build configuration: [sf HAS_CONTEXT_PRIORITY] [libui] \

Bug 7206633

Change-Id: Ibe1856b459d34a4be6ee83a4ebfd2807e6cc68a0
e96e9e1093b5700e9f403a6e2479da7dc36d3b71 25-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix a crasher in SurfaceTexture's setFilteringEnabled

bug: 7211067
Change-Id: Id8658a8df429d76c20ab9112858b38e52343dc9c
ff28e201ec0c6d620eaaa29814ab52958487dc31 21-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Display events now always carry the display id they happened on

Change-Id: I12de1d883c23927722bc3a71b782f0079de4e831
148994e5f33ce240ff24ceb5bc0500b7f2001959 20-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> We now report hotplug events to the framework

Change-Id: I2d6b7787d39e5929485a551e4982498c5053c211
3941cb240d438bfdebe24920bb2ada86456a0bf9 18-Sep-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: default to doing GL sync

This change makes updateTexImage default to performing the necessary
synchronization and adds an argument for SurfaceFlinger to disable that
synchronization so that it can be performed lazily.

Change-Id: I7c20923cc786634126fbf7021c9d2541aa77be5d
Bug: 6991805
8dfa92fef9759a881e96ee58d59875d35023aab9 18-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Plumb display name into SurfaceFlinger

The Surface createDisplay() call takes a display name for debugging.
This change carries it through SurfaceFlinger and displays it in
the "dumpsys SurfaceFlinger" output.

Bug 7058158

Change-Id: I79f3474a8656ff1beb7b478e0dbf2c5de666118a
6905205c8d130b6ea3a813c1b9283492ed183367 15-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Fix transform hints

The hints were being set a little too late, so the pre-rotation stuff
wasn't quite working.

Bug 7054997

Change-Id: Id8d5c626db7a76f768ba762a145b315878ee08e6
61e04b92bdeafc6fca89052d14dab1bd0c384a71 10-Sep-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: use eglWaitSync

This change adds a compile-option to use eglWaitSyncANDROID to ensure that
texturing operations that access the current buffer of a SurfaceTexture do not
occur until the buffer is completely written. It also moves this
synchronization into a new SurfaceTexture method called doGLFenceWait and
changes SurfaceFlinger's Layer class to use that method rather than performing
its own wait on the fence.

Change-Id: I70afa88086ca7ff49a80e3cd03d423767db7cb88
b27254154642575dfb4bbfa79fbedde7d7ee23dd 06-Sep-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: move fence handling into ConsumerBase

This change moves some common fence handling code into the base class for
BufferQueue consumer classes. It also makes the ConsumerBase class initialize
a buffer slot's fence with the acquire fence every time a buffer is acquired.

Change-Id: I0bd88bc269e919653b659bfb3ebfb04dd61692a0
00e8c7a88a5b9c4104a71013a713acd3e4d3b77b 05-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> display projection API now has a single function instead of 3

Change-Id: I9bf46d372b77d547486d4bbe6f1953ec8c65e98f
c68f2ecfa02037144d1a3856f637a77f523cf416 31-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> BufferQueue: add a setMaxAcquiredBufferCount check

This change adds a check to verify the validity of the value passed to

Change-Id: I39730557aa58261e678bd6e4fce11bab78e98362
9e75ddda93888755d0b14144b62e896cd9f78f3a 01-Sep-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: add BufferQueue test infrastructure

This change adds some infrastructure for testing the BufferQueue class. It
also includes a test that tests the new check in BufferQueue::acquireBuffer
that prevents the consumer from acquiring more than one buffer beyond the max
acquired buffer count that was set.

Change-Id: I38554ad3f9a53d2ddeba7ef0deee35ec2e2f9775
72f096fb1ad0a0deadbfac5f88627461905d38e8 28-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> BufferQueue: use max acquired buffer count

This change makes BufferQueue derive the min undequeued buffer count from a max
acquired buffer count that is set by the consumer. This value may be set at
any time that a producer is not connected to the BufferQueue rather than at
BufferQueue construction time.

Change-Id: Icf9f1d91ec612a079968ba0a4621deffe48f4e22
1847f7fd799f92300b3786e49f5883eaa03f4507 31-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "BufferQueue: simplify max buffer count handling" into jb-mr1-dev
2b9776982360a234803665cb79e8abcfeb0e3c79 31-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "BufferQueue: clean up buffer counting" into jb-mr1-dev
94f261556cc5f4aa628cd5b71bf923b583f6e3c3 30-Aug-2012 Wink Saville <wink@google.com> Revert "A vendor ril depends on a native screen shot code."

This reverts commit 9b5782baf0a8a2d7afc7129453beb5df7abe7650.

A new ril for toro, hack no longer needed.
e191e6c34829aec406a9cfe3e95211f884a311ff 25-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> BufferQueue: simplify max buffer count handling

This change reworks how the maximum buffer count is computed.

Change-Id: I7d3745814b9bd6f6f447f86bfea8eb7729914ebf
31a353da225af5329735451c761b430d82dfda1b 25-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> BufferQueue: clean up buffer counting

This change is a clean up of some of the handling of the maximum number of
buffers that are allowed at once. It mostly renames a few member variables and
methods, but it includes a couple small refactorings.

Change-Id: I9959310f563d09583548d4291e1050a7bbc7d87d
9b5782baf0a8a2d7afc7129453beb5df7abe7650 29-Aug-2012 Wink Saville <wink@google.com> A vendor ril depends on a native screen shot code.

Add a temporary shim until the vendor fixes the ril.

Bug: 7073467
Change-Id: Ia95a58bd90677c03406c988d1c29ae785f8662f2
3ee454a7bef8bd3d1c9cdd9d17108eb80ebadf2a 28-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Eradicate DisplayID.

DisplayDevices are now keyed of the wp<IBinder> the client uses.
DisplayID has now become DisplayType which is just used to identify
physical displays (as opposed to virtual displays such as wifi displays).

Change-Id: I0c5968f2c902dcd699a7e0afacf833ff070c12ea
a50b51c03aca449920fc8581a738032a7bce7150 28-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Compatibility work around for bad graphics driver dependency.

This is a compatibility shim for one product whose drivers
are depending on SurfaceComposerClient::getDisplayInfo(
int, DisplayInfo*) when it really shouldn't.

Revert this patch when the problem has been resolved.

Bug: 7065398
Change-Id: I6542691b81fd1b1e1d79500a62e82d40a3d51db7
380223bf1b340e7503177254a60d5982f95ab793 27-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove unused "layer" argument from show().

Change-Id: I8944a9f4a27c330b11e5e837c69b88c8f84145ba
9d4e3d2f42e93e2d12bacabe97d307d30c3c20dd 25-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Banish DisplayID from the SurfaceFlinger API.

Use only display tokens in the API to refer to new displays.

Don't require the caller to specify the display when creating
a surface (since in general a surface could be shown on
any display).

This is intended to be a minimum change just to update the API.
Note that SurfaceFlinger still uses DisplayID in a few places
internally that might cause some features not to work properly
when there are multiple displays (LayerScreenshot, for example).

Change-Id: I3d91eec2da406eefd97bcd53655d403ad865a7e6
490aee0fc5012acf2bf0b1dfe9c09e6fcca606fc 24-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "SurfaceTexture: inherit from ConsumerBase (try 2)" into jb-mr1-dev
9fea3421ffddf6480f57f55a25936a886043d909 08-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: inherit from ConsumerBase (try 2)

This change makes SurfaceTexture inherit from ConsumerBase. It removes all of
the functionality from SurfaceTexture that is now provided by the base class.
This includes fixes for two bugs that were found after checking this change in
the first time and then reverting it.

Change-Id: Ie2d9f4f27cfef26fdac341de3152e842b01a58d2
e232fdca2a62dc5e81b550f5be8710e36174e7a6 21-Aug-2012 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Add BufferItemConsumer, a simple BufferQueue consumer.

BufferItemConsumer allows for acquiring BufferQueue's BufferItems,
which contain all the data and metadata the BufferQueue has for a
given graphics buffer.

This consumer is useful when direct access to the native buffer_handles
is needed by the client.

Also includes a minor cleanup of CpuConsumer's use of 'virtual'.

Bug: 6243944
Change-Id: If7dc4192b15ac499555f1eda42a85140f2434795
f57e7540d4cf799f18fe87d3536c55f1e0064931 21-Aug-2012 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> CpuConsumer: inherit from ConsumerBase

Change-Id: I55178b1d673ffa0fbc6e63ef47642c64d4d03228
8683fca395d01734ec7946e9f0595ec5d7b754c6 13-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> improve [un]marshalling of non-binder objects

this change introduces a new class LightFlattenable<> which is
a protocol to flatten simple objects that don't require
binders or file descriptors; the benefit of this protocol is that
it doesn't require the objects to have a virtual table and give us
a consitant way of doing this.

we also introduce an implementation of this protocol for
POD structures, LightFlattenablePod<>.

Parcel has been update to handle this protocol automatically.

Sensor, Rect, Point and Region now use this new protocol.

Change-Id: Icb3ce7fa1d785249eb666f39c2129f2fc143ea4a
e57f292595bec48f65c8088b00ff6beea01217e9 10-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make multi-display more real

- displays are represented by a binder on the client side
- c++ clients can now create and modify displays

Change-Id: I203ea5b4beae0819d742ec5171c27568f4e8354b
3165cc21cfea781988407b19bd83292b19f05f55 09-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> libgui includes refactoring

Change-Id: I1d24ec17f5003ec2abab5f7472daaff4cc4cc2d3
1a4d883dcc1725892bfb5c28dec255a233186524 03-Aug-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> surfaceflinger: refactor FrambufferSurface

This change refactors the FramebufferSurface class to inherit from the new
ConsumerBase class.

Bug: 6620200
Change-Id: I46ec942ddb019658e3c5e79465548b171b2261f2
92efd84f37ce5a8aae74dc9086f825a67b6894e9 03-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> screen-off animation won't be handled by SF anymore

Change-Id: Idc41386804ae7d7eb981c36e1bc55c270870c8d0
c666cae2d5995097ec49a87e375e2afdd92802b7 26-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> get rid of the shared-memory control block

Change-Id: If814060aca1d2ff2619d4adcd57296983d207f7f
8785578391eacd4192333d7b0ce3afedd7d163e6 25-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add a layerStack attribute to Layers.

this attribute can be set through a regular transaction using
SurfaceComposerClient (just like any other attribute, eg: position or size)

Change-Id: I701a47c677ea6442ca713728a93335328cd2b172
8b33f032327f8de0dcc0e6d0d43ed80f834b51f6 25-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> update SF binder protocol to support setting display attributes

no change of functionality -- the old behavior is implemented
on top of this new protocol.
this new protocol will allow, eventually, to pass informations
about displays and layer stacks.

Change-Id: Ic6c2295e61ec8ecbc8ce01ab7664e35d928202fc
6d7e32c672189ef2b900fc5467dbf603f84dce54 17-Jul-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove unused layer flags.

Change-Id: Ia85365f18770a9a2c0a0e30ae56b6c2226d41be6
6501e9944df131b3b7e293007084735dfa217f24 17-Jul-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove freeze(), unfreeze() and setFreezeTint().

This is all dead code.

Change-Id: I646673aac793a6ec45021c370a2450f0ea4fbcce
f9176a93a5c9061fe001c91bca50dd0a58d54f10 16-Jul-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove freezeDisplay(), which is no-op.

Change-Id: I2b70249a1545636fd6d98b58057b22f9529cad21
dc5b485f74edf2d2f31c62054eb6c180421a3ade 30-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Pass fence to HWC on first use of buffer

Also do a CPU-wait on the fence before using it for GL composition.

Change-Id: I0f645a42a44803276cae11b904e5a26d65871562
b42b1ac1587aebda5e2f334d95b620271fafba4e 28-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Return fence from acquireBuffer

Change-Id: Iab22054c1dc4fd84affab3cc5bbdcd5a1e689666
c777b0b3b9b0ea5d8e378fccde6935765e28e329 28-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Pass fences with buffers from SurfaceTextureClient

Change-Id: I09b49433788d01e8b2b3684bb4d0112be29538d3
3094df359d1e6e2ae8ca4e935cc093f563804c96 19-Jun-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> First prototype atttempting to support an external display

both API and implementation will change, this is just a prototype
intended to show feasability.

SurfaceFlinger is passed an ISurfaceTexture through a new
callback, it is in turn used to create an EGLSurface which
surfaceflinger will draw into in addition to the main screen.

Change-Id: Id0bbb0b854bb7bae44d57246a90b65d4567f9a21
f78575400977f644cf0b12beb2fa5fc278b6ed4c 15-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Pass fences from BufferQueue to SurfaceTextureClient

ISurfaceTexture::dequeueBuffer now returns the buffer's fence for the
client to wait on. For BufferQueue, this means passing it through
Binder so it can be returned to the SurfaceTextureClient. Now
SurfaceTextureClient is responsible for waiting on the fence in
dequeueBuffer instead of BufferQueue: one step closer to the goal.

Change-Id: I677ae758bcd23acee2d784b8cec11b32cccc196d
ef19414bd8b77a26f5751f3845be79025a8263fe 14-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Transfer HWC release fences to BufferQueue

After a HWC set, each SurfaceFlinger Layer retrieves the release fence
HWC returned and gives it to the layer's SurfaceTexture. The
SurfaceTexture accumulates the fences into a merged fence until the
next updateTexImage, then passes the merged fence to the BufferQueue
in releaseBuffer.

In a follow-on change, BufferQueue will return the fence along with
the buffer slot in dequeueBuffer. For now, dequeueBuffer waits for the
fence to signal before returning.

The releaseFence default value for BufferQueue::releaseBuffer() is
temporary to avoid transient build breaks with a multi-project
checkin. It'll disappear in the next change.

Change-Id: Iaa9a0d5775235585d9cbf453d3a64623d08013d9
d8e812ce6fe9ae0388e98b08456e1d18b9498239 14-Jun-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Update ANativeWindow clients for sync

This change updates the uses of ANativeWindow to use the new ANW functions that
accept and return Sync HAL fence file descriptors.

Change-Id: I3ca648b6ac33f7360e86754f924aa072f95242f6
3e87601170141229d661df93e2f59e1ced73474b 08-Jun-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Implement SurfaceFlinger's ANW on top of BufferQueue

SF now has its own implementation of ANW for the
framebuffer and it uses BufferQueue. FramebufferNativeWindow
is now only used by stand-alone apps.

Change-Id: Iddeb24087df62bd92b0f78e391dda9b97ddc859c
8e533069e5721e55cb9768e140e16546c3a4a8b6 07-Jun-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> surfaceflinger: replace early suspend with binder call from PowerManager

SurfaceFlinger will no longer directly synchronize with early suspend.
Instead, PowerManagerService will synchronize with SurfaceFlinger to
ensure that a black frame has been drawn on the display, and then
trigger all early suspend handlers.

Change-Id: I07acdd628440d23fdb69db94319ec5d65d3f4919
2466e402a054669ecda0d2b0dcb9cc08c4a9559a 30-May-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> am 584fcb32: am 2c8207e9: add the ability to reject buffers in SurfaceTexture::updateTexImage

* commit '584fcb3218e07d7b4cc0aeaef41faa4e891b45a4':
add the ability to reject buffers in SurfaceTexture::updateTexImage
2c8207e9627fe6c7a90e31fae8d71ae49df56845 24-May-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add the ability to reject buffers in SurfaceTexture::updateTexImage

SurfaceFlinger is using this new feature to reject buffers that
don't have the right size.

Bug: 6498869
Change-Id: I8a7250a47db6c082a357b703feb3b9d0fc8d3443
a74eb25cbc42a9dde0df6b2303fda9027f77f393 15-May-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> am dd739965: Merge changes I32fbc2b6,Ifd0ed05b into jb-dev

* commit 'dd73996552938ac5165a35f09d389abedcf421ef':
SurfaceFlinger: recompute visible regions less
libgui: remove setPostTransformCrop
e41b318bc4708e1dee9364e73215ff0d51fb76a1 17-Apr-2012 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Add a BufferQueue CPU consumer.

Aimed for use cases where gralloc buffers need to be consumed by CPU
users, such as camera image data streams.

The CpuConsumer is a synchronous queue, which exposes raw pointers to
the underlying graphics buffers to applications. Multiple buffers may
be acquired at once, up to the limit set at time of construction.

Change-Id: If1d99f12471438e95a69696e40685948778055fd
b7a6b96301c00c630610df4cb55a45d666200817 14-May-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: remove setPostTransformCrop

This change removes the setPostTransformCrop function from
SurfaceTextureClient. It also includes a small logging fix in BufferQueue.

Bug: 6299171
Change-Id: Ifd0ed05b95dad6085e7a8267fda4d69b76ea3bad
f15a83f5814219c167f87cb8aaea622fc8493499 11-May-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: add a crop to the layer state

This change adds a crop rectangle specified in window coordinates to the layer
state. The all window pixels outside this crop rectangle are treated as though
they were fully transparent. This change also adds the plumbing necessary for
WindowManager to set that crop.

Change-Id: I582bc445dc8c97d4c943d4db8d582a6ef5a66081
5c1139fea3cc0fd9847a6594d853a458152b2fbc 09-May-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: improve texture matrix computation

This change reduces the shrinking of the crop rectangle in some cases. It adds
a way to inform the SurfaceTexture that its texture will be used without
bilinear interpolation, and uses knowledge of the pixel format to avoid
shrinking unecessarily.

Change-Id: I72365f39f74ecb7fcc51b4cf42f2d0fa97727212
d72f233ffa125856a44976a50a66ceb669f49ab2 07-May-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: Add support for post-xform crops.

This change adds support for specifying a crop rectangle to a
SurfaceTextureClient that is in post-transformed coordinate space.

Change-Id: I247901de343e71b32850f7ae3bac62dfa612ad3d
Bug: 6299171
efc7ab6dcea8c22ddd7c0259ef4ab4bbf1e93044 18-Apr-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: Add plumbing for active rectangle

This change adds the plumbing to SurfaceTextureClient, BufferQueue, and
SurfaceTexture to get the active rectangle passed to the ANativeWindow to
the buffer consumer.

Change-Id: I35da0889b266327ebb079b6a7136fa3e2e8b00e6
2488b20aec097accb20a853d9876bb0a5dc04636 21-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add a way to query whether an ANativeWindow consumer is running ahead of the producer

Change-Id: Ibccfa1feb56db2ab11f0c0934ce2d570a2b65ae2
24202f5676c32edeef6544cf36e06b9fc970dbde 23-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> update the binder protocol for connect to match that of queueBuffer

indeed, connect and queueBuffer return the same data, so it's
easier to have them use the same protocol.

Change-Id: I4f9fa3be0a80c9ab0a7a4039b282ae843aab02e1
a0db308c3d62301ae41b2e2bcf295c4ee4c7b08e 23-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove SurfaceTexture::connect()

use BufferQueue::connect() instead

Change-Id: I04aab7cf11304bf962cde38470747f3b19ddba42
85b217668d6840c8e6a109adfb99461313676f8d 14-Apr-2012 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Remove fixed USAGE_HW_TEXTURE flag from BufferQueue.

USAGE_HW_TEXTURE applies to SurfaceTexture, not to all uses of
BufferQueue. Refactor accordingly.

Change-Id: Ic7add5e1f2bbec3d3e796ba7f15eaa0633945d8f
ac6035a12aec38eeb14d0c13636ec980066d9a8f 13-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> s/w rendered apps can now use n-buffering (n>2)

Bug: 6311881
Change-Id: I6e52e281e8d432430aad011f6d9dcf35d7b4ac7d
016c8cbce4dde21f2703b9865f52d16b8d5d5ae2 04-Apr-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Enabled cropping support in SurfaceTexture

SurfaceTexture will modify the crop rect so it matches
the desired output aspect ratio when the scaling
for this new scaling mode.

Change-Id: I60f24dcbc294b65cd10a393d9e27d40f07d27bb6
55a701459de964ae3504264a6b8c4dc37f54a9e8 10-Apr-2012 Michael I. Gold <gold@nvidia.com> SurfaceTextureClient: support for application buffer dimensions

Add a new API native_window_set_buffers_user_dimensions to allow native
applications to override the native window size for the default buffer size.
This has lower precedence than the existing
native_window_set_buffers_dimensions and allows the two to co-exist.

Change-Id: Ie73590e1c94ef0dadbce500bd0941dfabbcace3c
f0bc2f1d8d37977bd3aef3d3326a70e9e69d4246 10-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> use in/out structures for queueBuffer() IPC

Change-Id: Ie125df2444b62a9a2200586a717dca268852afc9
fbcda930dd8b2823cfeb160fd0131f5897b7522f 10-Apr-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> BufferQueue returns proper code on acquire

Also removed unnecessary debug messages from

Change-Id: I291897a44170142f9d42a007b008823fad4683e0
abe61bfda4938abd932465e27c29ba9e41aea606 27-Mar-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> BufferQueue no longer hardcodes buffer counts

BufferQueue is now more flexible as it can be used
by SurfaceMediaSource in addition to SurfaceTexture.

Change-Id: I4222be8918d63372c44fcd412d9ad241c6a3eeb9
8cce8a9a75d172e0077960223ac5f2d06df33892 06-Apr-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "Fixed disconnect bug in SurfaceTexture"
7b5be95cb3903087742f1079fe89cddd8abe3696 03-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> use a socketpair instead of a pipe in BitTube

Bug: 6252830
Change-Id: Ia7a7b08409517214136261c05569dc5959a597ab
9abe1ebc9575dc5a19bf1dfce6e9b02e03374457 27-Mar-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Fixed disconnect bug in SurfaceTexture

BufferQueue's disconnect could race with updateTexImage
where invalid buffers could be released. Additionally
fixed similar bug with setBufferCount. Tests were added
to stress the disconnect mechanism.

Change-Id: I9afa4c64f3e025984e8a9e8d924852a71d044716
0e1080f887bcd80c75910cabe7b2eca224bf739c 02-Apr-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "SurfaceTexture: add context attach & detach"
74bed55fff0132be319bcd1703970516ae28b3a9 29-Mar-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: add context attach & detach

This change adds the detachFromContext and attachToContext methods to
SurfaceTexture. These methods allow the SurfaceTexture to switch from
one consumer GLES context to another. This change also includes a few
cleanups to the error return codes in updateTexImage.

Change-Id: I0df1eb599aa7b6f58f07431f242f8f09269559ed
851ef8f1bfbb164d61b1528a529a464f0a60dbaf 30-Mar-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> reduce IPC with BufferQueue

collapse setCrop, setTransform and setScalingMode to queueBuffer()
this ends up simplifying things quite a bit and reducing the numnber
of IPC needed per frame.

Change-Id: I3a13c07603abe4e76b8251e6380b107fde22e6d9
9d61a28d72d85ac0460fb7fba9f85f8a955354c7 27-Mar-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Refactored DummyConsumer

DummyConsumer no longer uses a ProxyConsumerListener

Change-Id: I0a99428b3f9dae82cb47d5da3589de77653f3d7c
f71c4ae136f7749b9dfdaa2dd64d771868eeeb2d 24-Mar-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Added a DummyConsumer for use with BufferQueue.

The DummyConsumer is a consumer that can connect to BufferQueue
that does nothing. It is required as BufferQueue checks
if a consumer is connected. Also fixes a bug where SurfaceTexture
was reusing old texture slots.

Bug: 6172739
Change-Id: I5e7a118dd4d07807ba4c763200242b5ee7d3412b
b0e76f456afaada43ddb0968bb37145219f90cd3 23-Mar-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove dependency of EGL on ndk header

Change-Id: Ia6e489b5b4f028864bdf54923e81f604710dd8ad
ce561372186c7549a8a5fe996ac5965cda087007 20-Mar-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: have ST::updateTexImage check the GL ctx

This change adds a check to SurfaceTexture::updateTexImage to verify
that the current GL context is the same as the one that was used for
previous updateTexImage calls.

Change-Id: If02d2f787bcfdb528046dc9ddf6665f8a90e1bf4
fa5b40ebb8923133df12dc70591bfe35b3f1c9b3 15-Mar-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: add BQ consumer buffer free notifications

This change adds a new callback for BufferQueue consumers to be notified
when the BufferQueue frees some or all of its buffers. This is needed
to retain SurfaceTexture behavior where all buffers would be freed when
the producer disconnects. This change also modifies the
SurfaceTextureGLToGLTest.EglDestroySurfaceUnrefsBuffers test to catch
when the buffers are not freed.

The implementation is a little complicated because it needs to avoid
circular sp<> references across what will be a binder interface (so wp<>
can't be used directly). It also needs to avoid the possibility of
locking the BufferQueue and consumer (e.g. SurfaceTexture) mutexes in
the wrong order.

This change also includes a few additional fixes and test cleanups.

Change-Id: I27b77d0af15cb4b135f4b63573f634f5f0da2182
b267579ba8dfe3f47d2a481c5a3c2254e3d565a1 23-Feb-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> SurfaceTexture: Fully refactored from BufferQueue

SurfaceTexture and BufferQueue are separate objects.

Change-Id: I230bc0ae6f78d0f9b2b5df902f40ab443ed5a055
eae59d2ea77ef57aab203fb185a880ce37ac38d6 23-Jan-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Removed dependecies between BufferQueue and SurfaceTexture

Refactored SurfaceTexture and BufferQueue such that share
no protected members. Created an consumer facing interface
for BufferQueue in preparation of connecting SurfaceTexture
and BufferQueue through a binder.

Change-Id: I938e63e085128148c58d0e26c7213b30145c109f
fbb16559168b88e30ffbe6d466f4c044366f503c 27-Feb-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "Revert "Removed dependecies between BufferQueue and SurfaceTexture""
90ac799241f077a7b7e6c1875fd933864c8dd2a7 26-Feb-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix libgui header location

Change-Id: Iec71706cdd4f29c6904993648ce873e83ef9cafe
9b10c47e112afc3600380895046a4a56e34cf6a8 27-Feb-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Revert "Removed dependecies between BufferQueue and SurfaceTexture"

This reverts commit a631399f71dbc7659d2f241968f85d337726ae61
32167056348f55609b896a5f6b15bd1dd42d8d19 27-Feb-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "Removed dependecies between BufferQueue and SurfaceTexture"
5f2165f9455d4893b581b73a67c5431f4344b47e 25-Feb-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove dependency on android_native{s_priv|buffer}.h

Change-Id: Ie4b95f7061c240f37c504414259f92d72c4ffc89
333023884112259f145bb23c41a05211198d9792 23-Jan-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Removed dependecies between BufferQueue and SurfaceTexture

Refactored SurfaceTexture and BufferQueue such that share
no protected members. Created an consumer facing interface
for BufferQueue in preparation of connecting SurfaceTexture
and BufferQueue through a binder.

Change-Id: Iff55e740e36a7f70c9f7a17ee7a5af38e3d21f0f
b856052c00dfef70d0957482c72c2979ffc4733a 31-Jan-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Refactored query function from SurfaceTexture into BufferQueue

Change-Id: Id1cb6cc38d01edb4fcfcad867c5a7693bdcc3ab1
6b091c53000c843211c218ce40287a7edca9bc63 23-Jan-2012 Daniel Lam <dalam@google.com> Refactored ISurfaceTexture calls from SurfaceTexture into BufferQueue.

Change-Id: I514f6b802f6b49c9ae27bed37bf0b9d23da03c9a
99ce5cdeb383216dee95af4d90e47406b0948ea1 01-Feb-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> separate transactions from updates

with this changes, SF transactions are handled as soon as possible
but do not trigger updates. the update is delayed until the next

this allows us to work much better without requiring triple-buffering.

Change-Id: I1fa10794d0cf742129f0877698b7b1e1f2ec7401
3cf199aef6250552555344944c3e3a6e4ab05f92 01-Feb-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix an issue with vsync event delivery

vsync events were sometimes delivered to connected
client who didn't request them. this happened if
another client requested the delivery and that client
was first in the client list.

also fix the vsync test which didn't request any events as
well as DisplayEventReveiver documentation which was misleading
about the necessity to request vsync events.

Change-Id: Ie990fda3f337f8f0042745c4b2cde67936c45686
478ae5eb5a0047e1b2988c896cff6363b455ee50 07-Dec-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Improve the VSYNC api a bit.

- add the ability to set the vsync delivery rate, when the rate is
set to N>1 (ie: receive every N vsync), SF process' is woken up for
all of vsync, but clients only see the every N events.

- add the concept of one-shot vsync events, with a call-back
to request the next one. currently the call-back is a binder IPC.

Change-Id: I09f71df0b0ba0d88ed997645e2e2497d553c9a1b
a4fbecd1198899a3a4e55795406a06e7c111b13e 30-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> am 55d3880e: am bb1e7d43: Merge changes I7e973a35,Ib3386fcc into ics-mr1

* commit '55d3880eed3450748eb7b97281e030902ee29c2a':
SurfaceTexture: add EGL_KHR_fence_sync option
SurfaceTexture: add a blit-to-FBO test
86edf4f6470ee0f108bf40d3c1d23bf0a78c9c38 14-Nov-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: add EGL_KHR_fence_sync option

This change adds a compile-time option for SurfaceTexture to use the
EGL_KHR_fence_sync extension to synchronize access to Gralloc buffers.

Bug: 5122031
Change-Id: I7e973a358631fff5308acf377581b811911fe790
d0566bc26fcf6ca396118701fa11900b627f2c09 18-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add support for sending VSYNC events to the framework

use gui/DisplayEvent to receive the events. Events are
dispatched through a unix pipe, so the API is compatible
with utils/Looper. see gui/DisplayEvent.h for more info.

Bug: 1475048
Change-Id: Ia720f64d1b950328b47b22c6a86042e481d35f09
185a0a0420f54f9588ec1c7230313023a7a2259b 22-Nov-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> am c2597295: am 53cf2020: Merge changes I37fd43b5,I91eb29db,I0491ce35 into ics-mr1

* commit 'c25972950c2ea62fb085524dbe737c2bf0f08f4a':
SurfaceTexture: fix a couple tests
EGL: default to swap interval 1
SurfaceTexture: clean up some tests
59769469e4b9b2d8b12c020eb44b030b3927a50b 20-Nov-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> EGL: default to swap interval 1

This change explicitly sets swap interval 1 on the window when an
EGLSurface is created to render to it.

Change-Id: I91eb29dbee3ae4a55076b921f084d503fbe94e03
8bee68fac2dba0a72a58a243601d5d7d12e116e6 19-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> am d0df44b5: am 4d71053b: Merge "attempt to fix bug 5313580" into ics-mr1

* commit 'd0df44b5c979e00a19187cea35768ba26557e447':
attempt to fix bug 5313580
a36bcd53ac075054bb39ef506687f4daaf9bac6b 18-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> attempt to fix bug 5313580

the working theory here is that a Surface object has become non-promotable
because it lost its last reference; later Surface::readFromParcel is called
the previous surface is found in the cache, but can't be promoted. this causes
a new Surface object to be created which will promptly try to connect to the
CPU_API -- this in turn will fail because the previous (now dead) surface is
still connected.

To fix this, we make sure to disconnect from the SurfaceTexture when
Surface[TextureClient] is destroyed.

Change-Id: I422234868a05d7b7d283e9d5a85f7ab79e65d8a9
ccf5b9febc9486c67ace40fbfc53b49eadf2c159 17-Nov-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> am 7765fc65: am fd6b64f6: Merge "SurfaceTexture: Fix to return the oldest of free buffers to Client on Dequeue call" into ics-mr1

* commit '7765fc651a9519dd2f0ac9d3374a50e9865c5c99':
SurfaceTexture: Fix to return the oldest of free buffers to Client on Dequeue call
a929748ddb67cbece3337c7fda7877fdeb973aa4 10-Nov-2011 Sunita Nadampalli <sunitan@ti.com> SurfaceTexture: Fix to return the oldest of free buffers to Client on Dequeue call

Surface Texture dequeue logic is modified to return the oldest of the
free buffers to Client on dequeue call.

Currently dequeue method is returning the first buffer index which is free.
The parsing is done in ascending order of the buffer slot indices.
This leads to returning the buffer which has been just queued to composer,
and hence display, and this defeats the purpose of having minimum dequeue count
as 2 in asynchrnouse mode.

This is fixed by checking all the free slots and returning the oldest buffer.

Change-Id: Ibbac10593c3994c278c601af0480b171635ecdd4
Signed-off-by: Sunita Nadampalli <sunitan@ti.com>
8c11963dda80d4add300520a8863bed39231825d 14-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> am 738d8cae: am c93a151f: Merge "Define, document, and test the behavior of very large SurfaceTextures" into ics-mr1

* commit '738d8cae2239d194429676f2889cfae3c8f7ba08':
Define, document, and test the behavior of very large SurfaceTextures
194c76c0477189700fda068e19b953b1d9af201a 10-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Define, document, and test the behavior of very large SurfaceTextures

updateTexImage() now throws a runtime exception when its native
counterpart fails

Bug: 5506633

Change-Id: I151a6f685d465966e7df4df624412ab2da62e95f
5cae0d0699a169e468fff3e21165f35db12f2cde 21-Oct-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Rename SensorChannel to BitTube
1a2b83a17d3bdb2440b8b5b96136f7916a5528b5 17-Oct-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SensorManager reconnects to sensor service when the later dies

if system process ever restarted, processes using a SensorManager
would loose the ability to use it, resulting to a crash.
we now listen for sensor service death and reconnected if necessary.

Bug: 5445240
Change-Id: Ia47f8b26cdcecb729fa22bf11d55e10fcaef8cfc
fb1b5a2f333800574b0da435d1200cf9b13d723f 28-Sep-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: parameterize the texture target

This change adds a hack to allow Android Browser to use a SurfaceTexture
to stream RGBA images to a GL_TEXTURE_2D texture object.

Change-Id: Idb90064d5d4b920959ef3be7451362ac5012460e
fa28c35c21d1bf8b38f541758c291bc17a2d7270 17-Sep-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: add name support

This change adds support for setting a string that can be used to
identify a SurfaceTexture object in log messages.

Change-Id: Ib4ee085f36c8830dc964c05ef1654f5a55dfcd60
29b5762efc359022168e5099c1d17925444d3147 18-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> don't return the current buffer from dequeueBuffer

we were not reseting mCurrentTexture in some situations
which in turn caused dequeueBuffers() return a
"FREE" buffer that was also current.
Very often it was harmless, but it created a race with
updateTexImage() which could cause the following
queueBuffers() to fail.

Bug: 5156325
Change-Id: If15a31dc869117543d220d6e5562c57116cbabdb
8e19c2e97e11505ee2ecf336275fd956f2ccfa22 11-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix a crasher in SurfaceTexture::updateTexImage()

we now make sure to drain the buffer queue on disconnect.
this happens only when in synchrnous mode. in async mode
we clear all buffers except the head of the queue.

for extra safety we also catch the null pointer
in updateTexImage (which should never happen) and return
an error.

Bug: 5111008

Change-Id: I5174a6ecbb0de641c6510ef56a611cbb4e9e1f59
2560d14ce8e38984032d999e3fdf8da9a47baf3c 11-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> rework dequeueBuffer()'s main loop.

this simplifies the code a bit and also makes sure
we reevaluate mAbandoned and mConnectedApi each time
we come back from waiting on mDequeueCondition

Change-Id: I1f8538b62ad321b51ed79d953b700036daba796d
ef51b992192adf4fc432686ab346f5fc7a13bc95 11-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> error out when SurfaceTexture APIs are called while not connected

- also log a warning when freeAllBuffers is called with a non empty buffer queue
- rename freeAllBuffers to freeAllBuffersLocked

Change-Id: Idb71fdcf233b9ccae62d5a2a7c3c4bad2501d877
5bfc24515bb5c8ea7975f72d538df37753733a2f 09-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> return correct value from query after connecting a surface

the first time a surface was connected, the values returned
NATIVE_WINDOW_TRANSFORM_HINT were wrong until a call
to queueBuffer was performed.

Bug: 5137366, 5121607
Change-Id: I7ac6b5b0daa876638f6bed7c20f286a6e6d984f6
96e108271bb5da44a130c8b5976fc63879403735 26-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Merge "remove dead code and member variables."
3fbce7c56082e4e0d23f1c1c89983d3841853ed7 26-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove dead code and member variables.

also fix some comments and improve debugging logs.

Change-Id: I83e55309f306332b59e1ec46104c4a7fffbf3c97
fa1e002cec5dc33ebe52685dc81d644f783811a8 25-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "SurfaceTexture: enable RGB external textures"
1f8e09f40d16ae377164d86e91385ad3d8e78e82 20-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: enable RGB external textures

This change removes support for conditionally using the GL_TEXTURE_2D
target for SurfaceTexture textures with RGB buffers. It also enables
and fixes the RGB-based SurfaceTexture tests.

Change-Id: I9a251a981cf66af6b048b2e4c3fe7231e4774f4d
7b305fffc39d0fe0926e7fd2d7f6a524fbce62b7 19-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: add the abandon method.

This change adds the 'abandon' method to the SurfaceTexture C++ class.
This method may be used to put the SurfaceTexture in an abandoned state,
causing all ISurfaceTexture methods to fail.

Change-Id: Ibd261f7b73f44e2bec36a8508bf92113cfb7cf95
29c870271e8d3f8c40c356283650ba54fe71a16b 19-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: fix a comment

Change-Id: I799532f77f8fbb6b8ee6888fdd8852b6f28e8c33
976f494d53cb239307fd810ce592b5b5de1cbc41 19-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: remove getAllocator

This change removes the SurfaceTexture::getAllocator method, as it's no
longer needed. Proper refcounting of the Gralloc buffers is now handled
by the IGraphicBufferAlloc binder marshalling code.

Change-Id: I5cffa6ebfc1bc5828fb7ce0e0a5b2f55cd8479da
c10d9d90b2088a3304076e0dc4bf05cdbb5d45ab 21-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> clean-up. get rid ofunused code and members in Surface[Control].cpp

Change-Id: Ia7790ae28af2c2ac99eae01c2c5044ace4a490a4
97c602c5af5f3ffd69009bf496d86347b71a2b4c 20-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> implement: "Add an ANativeWindow API for SurfaceFlinger to suggest an optimal buffer orientation"

Bug: 4487161
Change-Id: I883f34efe542c2a566d04966f873374f40c50092
7734ebfe47f42f980c1b44c1f284a91d8ad1d6c7 14-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add set_scaling_mode() to ANativeWindow.

This allows to specify the scaling mode independently from
the buffer size.

Change-Id: Iaa2baa660445531a97d3fac192e580f4929c5d3b
8f9dbf9e13b927de2524116c30544f7dfbbbf56c 14-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> move lock/unlock implementaion outside of Surface into SurfaceTextureClient

This makes ANativeWindow_lock/ANativeWindow_unlockAndPost work
with ANativeWindows implemented by Surface and SurfaceTextureClient.

Also, Surface now inherits directly from SurfaceTextureClient.

Bug: 5003724
Change-Id: I9f285877c7bae9a262e9a7af91c2bae78804b2ef
677517ae3f380e701a47abe4738b748fb3ca161d 15-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge changes Id9aa1003,I8c154189

* changes:
SurfaceTexture: make (dis)connect into an IPC
SurfaceTexture: add support for new connect values
fe0a87b54654a1392650e7f1862df473287d8332 14-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: make (dis)connect into an IPC

This change makes the ANativeWindow connect and disconnect calls result
in an IPC to the SurfaceTexture object. This will allow us to prevent
multiple simultaneous connections from different processes.

Change-Id: Id9aa1003b1335b96ca6bd4a1f5a67aa433d42efb
bee205fd58a27c10a0895de5339e76025d429d2b 01-Jul-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> EGL: fix the ANativeWindow size/fmt override

This change fixes how the Android EGL layer overrides the size and
format of an ANativeWindow in eglCreateWindowSurface. The new behavior
is to leave the size untouched when overriding the format. The previous
behavior was to reset the ANativeWindow to use the default size set by
the ANativeWindow implementation.

It also adds two new 'perform' methods to the ANativeWindow interface:
set_buffers_dimensions and set_buffers_format, and redefines the
behavior of set_buffers_geometry to be the combination of these two new

Additionally, this change adds an error check for the return value of
the new native_window_set_buffers_format call, which required adding a
(stub) handler for to FramebufferNativeWindow.

Change-Id: I805c7ccd8d4730dfb132d10d8bc3fb058a0b9df1
19e0a8bfe9a15543b0bd7991cce08e5362e9f5cd 01-Jul-2011 Pannag Sanketi <psanketi@google.com> Merge "Minor fix in SurfaceTexture"
292a31a4c2ae2f6faf134e8e4a726583017dad06 24-Jun-2011 Pannag Sanketi <psanketi@google.com> Minor fix in SurfaceTexture

Change-Id: Ic859715becf3e6d5107bd8beb8c577034d00ec52
3d8063b02e06020c8062addcc9ec49048d3bdb9a 27-Jun-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: change onFrameAvailable behavior

This change alters the conditions under which the onFrameAvailable
callback gets called by the C++ SurfaceTexture class. The new behavior
is to call the callback whenever a frame gets queued that will be
visible to the buffer consumer. This means that buffers queued in
synchronous mode always trigger the callback, as those buffers will
remain pending until they are consumed. Buffers queued in asynchronous
mode will only trigger the callback if there was not previously an
unconsumed buffer pending.

The new behavior means that a consumer should perform a draw operation
exactly once for every onFrameAvailable call that it recieves. This
change also modifies SurfaceFlinger and the SurfaceTexture JNI to
support of the new behavior.

Change-Id: I8b2c6e00961d3d58b11c6af50b555b6e4c5f5b40
14a0e58074f2698829b6554f578e6762c377caa3 24-Jun-2011 Grace Kloba <klobag@google.com> Add allowSynchronousMode to SurfaceTexture constructor.

Change-Id: I54f30a3c16bbe6b813f3bcd1d389da5627531304
1c4414091cfb93206067fb64eba445653739d40f 20-Jun-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: fix a NULL ptr dereference.

This change adds a NULL check when searching the slot list in
SurfaceTextureClient for the slot corresponding to a buffer being
queued or canceled.

Bug: 4645023
Change-Id: I806cbc1e34da118ea33a83c4f25ce8193ba1c3ad
ae468f43418c3cbae74c7f546283f6bb4e4df690 12-Jun-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: fix up a comment.

Change-Id: I044e44e17319e08af657a7ec9fa39100876fe862
736aa9573bb7b78f9c315f396c104491b3639426 13-Jun-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: fix a getTransformMatrix crash.

This change moves the computation of the transform matrix out of
getTransformMatrix and instead performs the computation when
updateTexImage gets called. This is needed in order for
getTransformMatrix to succeed even if the buffers have been freed (e.g.
by changing the buffer count) because the computation depends upon the
properties of the current GraphicBuffer.

Change-Id: Ied541ab8747b7ad604f862717135f9a16a816be9
Bug: 4490420
b62013f6aafee08cfad25a2712dc32264e44f783 18-May-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> 9-axis sensor fusion with Kalman filter

Add support for 9-axis gravity and linear-acceleration sensors
virtual orientation sensor using 9-axis fusion

Change-Id: I6717539373fce781c10e97b6fa59f68a831a592f
8cd5ba4b7f01d3a54a8f8bc6d1793aa5fc8e09ef 19-May-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTexture: clean up some comments, tests, etc.

This change fixes up some stale comments, member variable names, log
messages and disables a failing test.

Change-Id: Ic1d3344b18066cf710e4a42838b2417c6b1f2f6c
cf46eb9817dfbfc020720d1e45b5c085252500fb 12-May-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix onFrameAvailable

Change-Id: I391fe9f6684ac9fd4f91416ce18b583f7087d966
68c7794183a7dbfe3b20d4ce832f8eb79c2c619a 10-May-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add SurfaceTexture logging

Change-Id: If1b74be5230813fb76429935d88b9d4a7c41700c
8072711307aa98ee5ee6f7369860ae38c3e19656 03-May-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Implement {Surface|SurfaceTextureClient}::setSwapInterval()

Change-Id: I8382e346ddaa2c4c8ff56ac3ffd7f0109572f188
b3e518c820c7dbe35587bd45c510e4e5e7cfd9c9 22-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add the concept of synchronous dequeueBuffer in SurfaceTexture

Change-Id: Ic94cbab092953243a0746e04bbe1b2eb0cc930ef
eafabcdc1639fb96062d9e3c39b0ae27b0238ae1 20-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> unify SurfaceTexture and Surface

Change-Id: I49da2f5d8408e4cd7e148cfb777bb4ff68cd8f37
c04f153353cdb0d291297d10452239f791d3fd2b 26-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Fix a bug where setgeometry couldn't be undone

This change the binder protocol between SurfaceTextureClient
and SurfaceTexture. dequeueBuffer() now takes the requested
parameters for the buffer. SurfaceTexture decides if the
buffer needs to be reallocated and does the allocation
if needed. In that case it returns BUFFER_NEEDS_REALLOCATION
to tell SurfaceTextureClient that it needs to call
requestBuffer (which all parameters have been removed) to
acquire a pointer to the buffer.

dequeueBuffer and requestBuffer could be folded into a single
IPC call, but we chose to optimize the case where buffers are
not created and avoid some complexity in the marshalling code.

Change-Id: I097a7f6f40a3491e10f3f3742eab33999286c304
697526bc9e44ce61c88614f98387ae8bbf0a187e 01-May-2011 Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com> frameworks/base: android_native_buffer_t -> ANativeWindowBuffer

Change-Id: Idc2eabaa805bb6d308ebb315872623f28d428417
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
41abd67302b52aefadc2b3dea42226f16bf6d9ba 15-Apr-2011 Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com> frameworks/base: make the ANativeWindow query() method const

query() does not modify the object's data, so it needs to be a const method

Change-Id: I67c40a3c865461e6f1cc2193fd2d74286ff6ac8f
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
7e3d7f341ab3789fe25064670374159a35e35ed3 19-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Merge "changes to SurfaceTexture needed for unification with SF"
7a042bf324fe3f3d5d4085fda21fe50dc0c362b4 12-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> changes to SurfaceTexture needed for unification with SF

- implement connect/disconnect
- implement missing query
- handle texture_2d in addition to texture_external_oes

Change-Id: I971a70821f00f22b01f5337de4a7d451177fec4d
4cb18881b55b82a24873ccd8e298bc2d5a9c17e5 09-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Fix a GraphicBuffer leak in SurfaceTexture

This leak was intentional, it was there to deal with the fact that
some gralloc implementations don't track buffer handles with
file-descriptors so buffers needed to stay alive until there were
registered, which is not guaranteed by binder transactions.

In this new implementation, we use a small BBinder holding a
reference to the buffer, which with tuck into the parcel. This forces
the reference to stay alive until the parcel is destroyed, which
is guaranteed (by construction) to happen after the buffer is

this allows the public facing API to not expose the previous hack.

Change-Id: I1dd6cd83679a2b7457ad628169e2851acc027143
a5c75c01620179ce00812354778a29a80d76e71f 01-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SurfaceTexture can now force the client to request a buffer

SurfaceTexture now has the concept of default size a new method,
setDefaultBufferSize() to set it. When the default size is
changed, dequeueBuffer() will return a value telling the
client that it must ask for a new buffer.

The above only applies if the client has not
overriden the buffer size with setGeometry.

Change-Id: I520dc40363054b7e37fdb67d6a2e7bce70326e81
1d01a12e7150be569557b64da9b8663c62c13594 18-Feb-2011 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Add support for timestamps into SurfaceTexture.

API addition: The timestamps are represented as nanoseconds from some
arbitrary time point. Like the SurfaceTexture transform matrix, the
timestamp retrieved by getTimestamp is for the last frame sent to the
GL texture using updateTexImage().

Camera HAL change: Expect vendors to set these timestamps using
native_window_set_buffers_timestamp(). For now, they are
autogenerated by SurfaceTextureClient if set_buffers_timestamp() is
never called, but such timing is likely not accurate enough to pass a
CTS test.


Change-Id: Ife131a0c2a826ac27342e11b8a6c42ff49e1bea7
bae774eb20bebd409441b93386b51bccda75f546 14-Mar-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceTextureClient: Add ISurfaceTexture getter.

This change adds a getter method to SurfaceTextureClient to get the
ISurfaceTexture object with which the SurfaceTextureClient is

Bug: 4086509
Change-Id: Ifec621e0fe5392a5be56b2348fdc54067cbebcdd
9d4d6c101d90d4a1d1ca9413cf3eb89d1f1898d6 27-Feb-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Add the MIN_UNDEQUEUED_BUFFERS query to ANW.

This change adds a new query to ANativeWindow for getting the minimum
number of buffers that must be left un-dequeued during the steady-state
operation of the ANativeWindow.

Change-Id: Ie8c461fc26b02ecde02ddb4f95bf763662cf1551
Related-Bug: 3356050
1b20cde313b5ef8acdace742328df867956d24cb 03-Feb-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Pass the IGraphicBufferAlloc to SurfaceTextureClient.

This change passes a reference to the IGraphicBufferAlloc binder object
to SurfaceTextureClient objects. When STC objects are created they
query their associated ISurfaceTexture object for the
IGraphicBufferAlloc that the SurfaceTexture uses to allocate buffers.
Having the SurfaceTextureClient hold this reference prevents the
GraphicBufferAlloc in SurfaceFlinger from freeing the allocated buffers
before the SurfaceTextureClient is done with them.

Change-Id: Ib8e30e8b37fdd60438cbb4cb7e9174d0ba6d661c
related-bug: 3362519
c4d4aeab52435c177ded6abdd578fec8191f0f5d 13-Jan-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Implement SurfaceTexture frame-available callback.

This change implements the onFrameAvailable callback for the
SurfaceTexture java class. It includes the C++ SurfaceTexture code as
well as the JNI and Java code to enable the callback.

Change-Id: Ifd8b8e7ad46ee70cba6da1c2e96dab8045d1ea30
9a78c90cd46b2a3bd637b056873149d3b94384b4 13-Jan-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Fix remote GraphicBuffer allocation in SurfaceFlinger.

This change fixes a horrible hack that I did to allow application
processes to create GraphicBuffer objects by making a binder call to
SurfaceFlinger. This change introduces a new binder interface
specifically for doing this, and does it in such a way that
SurfaceFlinger will maintain a reference to the buffers until the app is
done with them.

Change-Id: Icb240397c6c206d7f69124c1497a829f051cb49b
f238e28500ca756fbd9e323f728ce7c8dda59475 10-Jan-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Implement crop & transform for SurfaceTexture.

This change adds support for the setCrop and setTransform methods of the
SurfaceTexture C++ class. The crop and transform for the current
texture will be accessed by applications as a single texture coordinate
transform matrix.

Change-Id: I6482bf96f680e5c175364e848936db3908d6c8f8
67eedd74ab78c2bfed9fcdc74947b97289254ca4 09-Jan-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Fix a bug in SurfaceTexture::setBufferCount.

We need to reset mCurrentTexture and mLastQueued in setBufferCount
because it frees all of the buffers associated with the buffer slots.

Change-Id: Ie2f834ec1c07ce7a4ab9b2b5fc5fe8c294010c60
8ba32fade11abb73f3fd47ea0953c9528eb5b91f 20-Dec-2010 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Add the SurfaceTexture C++ implementation.

This change adds the C++ implementation of SurfaceTexture and related
classes. The goal of this is for a SurfaceTexture to be passed to
camera service or Stagefright in place of a Surface to allow camera
preview or decoded video frames to be streamed to an OpenGL ES texture
that an application can use.

Change-Id: I55c83a7017f1ecb81c9c9e3252cbd118b914296c
59abe7e0909bf4b7bf7b9601e1e40a05f6d4fd8a 14-Sep-2010 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Replace epoll() with poll() and rename PollLoop to Looper.

As part of this change, consolidated and cleaned up the Looper API so
that there are fewer distinctions between the NDK and non-NDK declarations
(no need for two callback types, etc.).

Removed the dependence on specific constants from sys/poll.h such as
POLLIN. Instead looper.h defines events like LOOPER_EVENT_INPUT for
the events that it supports. That should help make any future
under-the-hood implementation changes easier.

Fixed a couple of compiler warnings along the way.

Change-Id: I449a7ec780bf061bdd325452f823673e2b39b6ae
a48bcf62b6a26f24a0bdd2b44bb39fadce499e92 30-Jul-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Added SensorManager.getMinDelay()

Exposed the new "min delay" sensor property through native and
java sensor apis. This allows the caller to know what is the
maximum rate at which a sensor can return events, or, if a sensor
works in "update" mode (events returned only when the value changes).

Also augmented SensorManager.regusterSensorEvent() so that it can
accept a value in microsecond in addition to the 4 constants already

Change-Id: If425e9979892666df8c989d7de3c362230fa19e0
e3c8234765050023b8a588607f819e8cc41a6363 22-Jul-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> propagate sensor event rate properly

Change-Id: I32e67d30e4295285a6827956cc8161b2025d70bc
a7352c9f4a6e642c29782b19db5bc0bd98feddc8 15-Jul-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> new SensorService

remove old sensor service and implement SensorManager
on top of the new (native) SensorManger API.

Change-Id: Iddb77d498755da3e11646473a44d651f12f40281
589ce85ee4174829cfedce91b6b2509d2a4002eb 14-Jul-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> first step at implementing the native sensor support

in this commit:
- implemented the C stub
- implemented the binder interfaces involved
- implemented most of the C++ client side

- SensorManager cannot connect to the SensorServer yet
(because there is no SensorServer yet)

Change-Id: I75010cbeef31c98d6fa62fd5d388dcef87c2636b